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I recycle, and since my area doesn’t offer curbside pickup for apartments, I go to the recycling center about once a month or so. I have reusable bags for plastic, metal, and glass, and use a cardboard box for newspapers and other paper items. It normally goes pretty smoothly, but the last time I went was an experience.

I pull up in an open spot per normal, which was near the cardboard bin, and proceed to empty the glass, plastic, and metals ok, but when I walk to the paper bin carrying my box of paper, the female worker starts screaming across the yard to me.

Worker: “HEY! You can’t put cardboard in the paper bin”

Me: ignores her, thinking she’s talking to someone else at the bins

Worker (still screaming): “You can’t put cardboard in the paper bin!”

At this point I round a bin and see there is no one there and she’s screaming at me, though I’m completely confused as to why since I passed the cardboard bin to get to the paper.

Me: “I’m aware of that, thank you”

I get to the bin, put the box down, and proceed to empty the paper into it, then walk back to my car with the box.

In the meantime she looked in the bin, saw I never put cardboard in, and went on her way.

I never did get an apology.

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