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One day I was taking orders over the phone when a male customer called for a meatball parm sub. I put the order in the computer, repeated the order to them before I printed the ticket and made the sandwich. When a customer came in to pick up the order (not uncommon for someone to call in and someone else pick up) my coworker went to the counter for them to pay and leave with the sandwich. My coworker confirmed that it was a meatball parm. The customer became hysterical, yelling that they had ordered a chicken parm (I am extremely competent on the POS system we use, but occasionally I do make mistakes). Being the nice person that she is, she offers for us to remake the sandwich and charge the difference, which the customer agrees with. I make the sandwich, she pays, she leaves. My coworker and I had a small discussion about what happened, how we are both aware that they ordered a meatball parm, and how some people are crazy. We still bring it up to each other occasionally when customers change their orders after they come to pick up or if it was delivered.

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