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My daughter doesn’t visit NAR, but she hears all the best stories from me. She also tells me her stories because she makes a living in the service industry: pizza delivery, Uber, Lyft, grub-hub, etc. As everyone here knows, there’s some camaraderie between people in the service sector. One night she has a pizza place sign on her car as she pulls up to the window to get her own food for the night.

Him: Hey! How are you doing?

Her: Just living the dream. What’s new with you tonight?

Him: Did you see the dude just before you?

Her: Yeah. Just went to the window and drove off.

Him: Ready for this? He asked what a taco was. I told him. He said thanks and drove off.

Her: Was he American?

Him: Yeah. Spoke good English and adult. Weird, huh?

Her: Do you think he was joking?

Him: No, the dude was sincere.

Her: That is SO weird.

Him: No kidding. Hey, I threw in some [trademarked goodies]. You have a safe night.

After she told me the story, I was stumped. Really. Who is old enough to drive in a car in the USA and not know what a taco is?

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