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(I worked at a small, family owned restaurant for a summer, and we made our own Lemonade and American-style Iced tea – which was literally just cold tea – and the iced tea is made with boiling water and left to steep for ten minutes before being put in the fridge to cool. On this day we went through a lot of it, and I ran out before having time to make more)

Customer: We would like a glass of iced tea, please

Me: I’m sorry, I just made it, so it’s still hot.

Customer: Oh that’s ok, you can just put some ice in it.

Me: Um, well, it’s really hot. There is still steam coming off it, so I don’t think the ice will do much. I can bring you some lemonade if you like?

Customer: No, we’ll take the iced tea with ice in it

Me: Ok…

(I put ice in their glasses but it melts by the time I bring it to their table)

Me: The ice has already melted. The tea is very hot still.

Customer: That’s ok, can you just bring us a little bowl of ice and we’ll keep adding some in?

Me: Ok

(I had to keep bringing them bowls of ice for almost their entire meal. But they were happy… ha)

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