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I’m a 19 year old girl. Several of my customers are a little bit… unusual. I’ve recently changed my hair and had a fringe put in. One of our not-so-normal regulars comes in and notices. He’s a 58 year old man with a serious hygiene problem- he always smells of unwashed clothes, stale food and cigarettes. The following occurs.
Regular: “Oh, you changed your hair.”
Me: “Yep.”
Regular: “I like it. Makes ya look 30. Even though you’re 19. That makes you a better age for me.” *winks*
Me: *doesn’t know what to say*
Later that day he comes in again having read the local newspaper.
Regular: “Look at this, the local dramatic society wants 4 beautiful women to take part in their latest film. I’ll put your name down shall I? Then I can watch ya!”
Me: *still doesn’t know what to say*

Two days later I’ve adjusted my hair again so the fringe isn’t as obvious.

Regular: *sees me and frowns* “you should have kept that hair. I was about to get me camera out and take a picture so i could stick you on the centre pages of OK magazine!!”
At this point I’m getting more than a little creeped out by this guy. He leaves again but I know he will be back later, and sure enough 2 hours later…
Regular: “So, are you going to do higher education?”
Me: “No.”
Regular: “You aint going to uni then?”
Me: “No.”
Regular: “Oh you aint clever enough huh? Hahahaha!!”
Me: “I could have gone. I chose not to.”
Regular: “Oh you’re from a rich family then?”
Me: “No.”
Regular: “Perhaps the granddaughter of a rich couple then eh?”
Me: “No.”
Regular: “So you’re going to go train as a policewoman then?”
Me: “Why would i be planning to do that?”
Regular: “Well you’ve definitely got the body for it!”
Me: *speechless*

What even is the body of a policewoman?!?

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