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23 Wild Customer Stories About Tattoos, And Those Who Should Never Be Allowed To Get One!

| Right | August 14, 2020

Dear readers,

Tattoos are not for everybody, but everybody certainly seems to have an opinion about them! It was surprisingly easy to round up 23 ink-tastic stories from our archives about idiots who shouldn’t get tattoos, religious nuts who think they’re of the devil, and at least one jaw-dropping story that will send chills down your spine (it’s the last one).

Be warned: getting actual tattoos are less painful than reading about some of the following morons:


Has Been PINked – What happens if he needs to change his PIN?

It’s Not Like They’re Permanent Or Anything – When the customer is so ignorant it becomes almost adorable.

Marked For Better Things – That burn hurt way more than any tattoo.

She Has ‘Trouble’ Written All Over Her – Maybe you could tattoo her a clue?

Think Before You Ink – Be glad our stories are text-based and don’t come with images…

This Customer Has Trouble Written All Over Him – We’d say the tattoo ink must have gone to his brain but he would need to have had a brain to begin with.

Identity Crisis – Just tattoo “I’m The President” on you while you’re at so you can get into the white house.

This Customer Giving You An Earful – Make sure they spell ‘Irony’ correctly when they tattoo it to their forehead.

Inking And Thinking – Don’t ever let what’s on the outside dictate what’s on the inside.

He’s Got Bigot Written All Over Him – The only ugly thing in this story is the guy’s attitude.

Sea Of Electricity – Meet the most adorable cyborg in the world.

Piercing Judgments, Part 4 – You’re obviously going to Hell but at least she’s being nice about it.

Not Been Teenage For An Age – Married to the tattoos, as well as just plain married.

Think Before You Ink – Advice for those who want to give themselves a tattoo: don’t.

Now That’s What I Call Love – Please apply the same advice for the above story to this one also.

Hard Core Ambitions, Soft Core Realities – We say this with utmost seriousness and no irony whatsoever, but they really need the ‘D’.

Tit For Tat(too) – Even the dolphins are laughing.

Not Born Yesterday – Pray this is just post-pregnancy brain…

This Customer Has Trouble Written All Over Her – Should have tested it with a sharpie…

What’s “Bad Liar” In Asian? – Just google Chinese for idiot (白痴) and mark them with that.

Forgotten In The Ink Of An Eye – We’ll ink grandma a map.

Girl With The Dragon Tattoo – Girls can get tattoos of flowers and THAT’S IT!

Ink And You’ll Miss It – Don’t get tattoos drunk or it’s your a**.

And finally, a bonus story about a tattoo that will send a shiver down your spine.

Never Again – Tattoos don’t make you tough, the experiences behind them do.


We hope you enjoyed this tattoo-themed roundup! Let us know in the comments if there were any stories we were too lazy to include! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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