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23 Reasons Why Your Mother Is Awesome – And Why You Should Call Her!

| Right | May 10, 2020

It’s Mother’s Day! 2020 being what it is, it’s likely many of you would normally be planning on visiting your mother today but sadly have had to make other plans. Whether it’s a phone call, zoom chat, or an email, we hope many of you can show mom how much you love them today.

If you need further incentive, here are 23 stories from our archives that highlight why mothers are awesome!

That Is ‘Pretty’ Awesome – A mother would do anything to make her child happy in the darkest of times.

Bumbling For A Name – Mothers fully support her child’s sports team – even with a name like that!

Moms Always Intercede For Their Super Seed – Mothers protect their kids from the dangers of the world, like their dads…

Substitute Vices – This story is not for younger eyes – and definitely gives new meaning to strawberries and cream.

Photo-synthesise A Cure – Sometimes, they just want to fix everything!

More Telling Than Kissing – She’s there for you even during the ‘sore’ spots.

Christmas Is Off To A Rocky Start – Early on Mother’s learn the art of sarcasm – otherwise, the relationship can get a bit rocky.

Fractionally True – Mothers keep on going even if you’ve sucked the life out of them.

Tainted Love – She loves you no matter what you’ve done… or what you’ve done it on.

It’s Just Water Under The Fridge – From the very second they become a mother, it’s a challenge.

Kids Who Play Too Much Call Of Duty – We know it’s not the employees’ job to supervise children but it seems this mom has a decent strategy.

Hear No Evil, Saw No Evil – It’s great when mom is in on the joke – at least we really hope it’s a joke…

Kids Put Urine To A Tight Spot – We know it’s easy to moan about being on a flight with children, but it’s no picnic for the mother either!

In-Tents Humor Is Worthless Without The Perfect Pitch – Look, the NAR editors see a pun, we like it. It’s really that simple.

Visit The Narnian Embassy Before The Wardrobe – It’s easy to forget that mothering is a full-time job, so their career at the Narnian embassy had to go on hold.

I Can See It All Over Your Face(book) – A mother just knows, and then she ‘no’s.

One Review To Rule Them All – A mother has many talents – like strategically napping during all the boring talky bits.

Spelling Isn’t Tweasy – As editors, we appreciate a mother that enforces correct spelling in her household!

He Shoots, We Score – Motherly advice cannot be beaten. Ten out of ten!

Ah, Mothers, Part 4 – You never stop being their baby.

Smoke Your Veggies – Revenge is a dish best served with mac’n’cheese.

27 Stresses – Give… this… mother… a… round… of… applause!

Providing A Self-Service Service – A good mother is not self-serving even at self-service!


We hope you enjoyed our motherly collection of stories. If there are any you think we should have included, let us know in the comments! Got your own story to share, please do so here!

Now go and call your mother!

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