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23 True Stories Of Misogynists Being Beautifully Reminded It’s The 21st Century

| Right | August 26, 2020

Dear readers,

Today, August 26th, is Women’s Equality Day! While traditionally commemorated in the US, we see no reason why the whole world shouldn’t be reminded that equality for the sexes is still a conversation that needs to happen.

This day was chosen to commemorate when votes to women officially became part of the US constitution – thanks 19th amendment! This happened on August 18, 1920, just over a hundred years ago! Sadly, as known by regular readers of this site, a hundred years haven’t made a huge impact on some people’s attitudes, who still believe that women should stay in the kitchen and focus on looking pretty for the men.

We’ve rounded up 23 stories from our archives about some seriously-deluded misogynists who get exactly what they deserve. Here’s hoping it doesn’t take another hundred years to stamp these views out of society!


Drywall Me A Misogynist – I don’t understand misogynists who insist women should look after the home, and then get shocked when they engage in home improvement…

Call Of Duty: Misogynist Warfare – Don’t piss off women who play COD; they can aim.

Now Accepting Immigrants From Femmerica – Wait… just… what?!

Paint Me A Misogynist – Wait… a woman who can mix paint and press buttons?

The 1950s Called; They Want Their Misogynist Back – Ironic that this guy loves baseball but has never got past first base…

Stop Being Such A Diction – We stand by our pun as this teacher stands by his diction.

Instead Of A Herr It Was A Her – You’ve just spoken to Frau Schadenfreude.

Smile, You’re On Sordid Camera – The only sweeping she’ll be doing is sweeping your attitudes under the rug.

I Kissed A Girl And I (Don’t Care If You) Liked It – Lesbians are there for straight men to ogle… obviously.

The Estrogen Empire Strikes Back – If they want to keep working up the management chain until they find a man, they’re going to be very disappointed.

Cross-Platform Chromosomes – Women who know about games: the biggest boss battle toxic male gamers have to face.

Lighten My Load, Moisten My Road – No surprise that those who think women shouldn’t lift heavy objects are also incapable of heavy thinking.

Equality Is Worth Fighting For – “REAL GIRLS LET MEN DEFEND THEM” says someone about to be punched by a girl.

Ready, Aim, Equality – Please refer to our earlier comment above about pissing off women who can aim.

Lift Me A Misogynist – Tell this woman that she’s too small to be useful and see what happens next…

Methinks Mephisto Is A Misogynist – If a girl is buying Diablo is HAS to be for a male relative, right?

Enough To Put You Off The Men-u – When the customers are awful and the managers are enablers…

Misogynists Can Make You Fret – Teaching this guy that women can play and know about guitars is music to our ears.

Don’t Hate All Men, Just You – We would have hung up after the first insult, but then we wouldn’t have this story!

My Little-Minded Brony – Little girls can’t even like cartoons intended for little girls without toxic-masculinity seeping in!

Not Getting The Focal Point – This guy needs more than bifocals to see how much of an a** he’s being.

Young And Fertile Versus Old And Misogynistic – We need fewer doctors like this and more that know a woman’s body belongs to her and not society.

The Spice Girls Have A Lot To Answer For – And finally, a story that shows it’s not always men that don’t get how equality works…


We hope you enjoyed this roundup about sexists and misogynists getting their comeuppance! Let us know in the comments if there were any stories we were too lazy to include! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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