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23 True Stories About Scammers Who Failed Miserably!

| Right | July 15, 2020

Dear readers,

For as long as there have been people earning money, there have been people that try to scam it away from you. Thankfully, many of are not destined to be master-criminals, where the average checkout clerk is more than a match for their feeble attempts to swindle you.

We’ve rounded up 23 stories from our archives that show – with magnificent karma – how not to scam someone.


You Can’t Scam Your Cake And Eat It Too – Don’t count on the scam to be a certainty, or this happens!

Honest About His Scam – Sorry kid, your mother capitalizing on you being cute to get free stuff is not called parenting, it’s still a scam.

Scamming In Plain Sight – Advice for future scammers about breaking merchandise to get it cheaper: Don’t.

Plastic, Scamtastic – When people steal your plastic it’s usually credit cards, but this guy took it literally.

Smile – You’re On Scam-Cam – We always wonder why scammers keep up their same old tricks that worked before cameras were everywhere…

One Scamwich, Coming Right Up – We once knew a scammer who swallowed a fly…

How To Scam A Scammer, Part 6 – This guy thinks he has it all counted out, but the cashier is ready for him.

No Scam Like The Present – Receipts are not just for the consumer’s protection…

Empty Boxes And Equally Empty Threats – The scam usually falls apart if they can trace it back to you.

How To Scam A Scammer, Part 4 – This scam is a real punch in the face.

One Scamwich, Coming Right Up, Part 2 – Sorry scammer, you’re running out of ways to lie about this.

Scam Wars: Attack Of The Clones – We feel sorry for the DVD-burners now that we live in a streamable age.

No Scan, No Scam – You’re never too old to pull a fast one!

Would You Like Your Scam For Here Or To Go – What happens when you give Katie’s order to a Karen.

Miss Management (Not Mrs) – The employee discount card isn’t going to work here. The race card isn’t looking promising either.

The Scam Doesn’t Fit The Bill – A scammer so good they stole a bill that doesn’t exist!

Making A Spectacle Of Himself – If he’d kept the glasses on he’d see clearly that his scam would not work.

Modern Scammers Work Double Time – One family, two scammers.

Scamming In Full Bloom – The flowers didn’t die, but this scam did.

Has Not Registered The Lack Of Pockets – Pocketing the change is difficult without this one vital component…

He’s The Best Actor Of The Bunch – Karma… attack!

Not Even A Nugget Of Truth – Come for the chicken nuggets. Stay for the manager who is absolutely done with these scammers!

Take Note Of The Note – If they were genuinely short-changed, then they will genuinely wait for the count.

And finally, a story not about a scam, but the opposite of one:

Good Money Drive-Thrus Out Bad – If you still have a little hope for humanity, we advise you skip this story, lest you lose what remains.


We hope you found this collection of stories funny and entertaining! Know any that we missed? Let us know in the comments! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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