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23 Times Waitstaff Had To Deal With Customers From Hell

| Right | May 21, 2020

Dear readers,

Today is international waitstaff day! We know that restaurants haven’t been in business lately, but as they gradually re-open, we’d like to continue our coverage of workers that put up with the worst of us while behaving like the best of us. We’ve covered grocery store workers, postal workers, healthcare workers, truck drivers , teachers , police and the emergency services already!

When the world calms down and you make your way back to a restaurant, remember these 23 stories we’ve compiled, and remember what they have to put up with!

Miracle On Placebo Street – You can’t choose the temperature, but you can choose your battles.

Even Owners Have A Stupid Quota, Part 3 – Worth reading for the manager’s glorious last line.

Waiter Hater – How has this person not been thrown out yet?

Wake Up And Smell The Snooty – The rich elite want their food first, and only then may you seek medical attention!

Tip Of The Entree Iceberg – Word of advice to those who want to put waitstaff down to make yourself look good to your friends: don’t.

Wait For The Waiter – Waitstaff know when their customers are also waitstaff. They just get it.

Snide Salad – We personally prefer a side of cake with our cake, but that’s just us.

Piercing Judgments, Part 2  – People with piercings don’t ruin the atmosphere, people that point them out do.

Red Light Bulb Moment  – It looks like he used to go there for dessert.

Pot Calling The Kettle Everything – Wow. If they think that is racist, they’ve lived s privileged life so far!

Thinks He’s So Grape – Please don’t go up against a sommelier unless you really know your stuff. And we mean like really know it.

Tis The Seasoning – Sometimes, the good customers can even out the bad.

Enough To Make You Cry – No matter how many layers we peel back, this is still stupid.

Shaping Up To Be An Awful Night – A complaint so stupid it makes us spin around.

Realized He’s Nuts Before You Did – Some requests are nuts. Thankfully, this one is only coconuts.

Scrambling Up The Order – First, there was the cheeseburger without the cheese… and now there’s this.

Overbooked Leads To Overcooked Attitude – Their sixteen was not so sweet, but the manager’s reaction was!

Say Your Prayers – Waitstaff are not afraid to get their hands dirty, but good Lord please don’t do this to them!

Dealing With A Very Sour Lemon – Some people wake up every day looking for something to complain about – and they usually end up in restaurants.

I Have A Hangry – The curse of being angry is no excuse.

She Has Taken The Black – Listen, if the waitstaff are trying to tell you what’s in your food three times, then they have a good reason!

H2-Over And Over Again – When you’ve experienced the water cycle four times in one day

I Propose Kicking Him Out – We present to you, the worst restaurant proposal ever.

And finally, a bonus story, not about an awesome waiter, but an awesome customer:

Good Customers Are Worth Their Waiter In Gold 

We hope you enjoyed this collection of stories! Know any that we missed? Let us know in the comments! Want to submit your own story? Do it here!

Stay safe, everyone!

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