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23 Times The Police Made It Official That Stupid Is A Crime

| Right | May 17, 2020

Dear readers,

In our continuing coverage of workers that are essential to keep the world running, (we’ve covered grocery store workers, postal workers, healthcare workers, truck drivers , teachers and the emergency services already!) we get to the police! As we were compiling stories for the emergency services shout-out, we realized the police deal with a lot more than just emergencies, and this can include stupidity and entitlement on the same level that poor retail workers have to deal with.

So please enjoy, for your karmastic enjoyment, 23 stories from our archives of the police having to deal with people so awful that it’s a crime!

Some Days Start Off With A Bang – This story is dynamite!

Will Try To Tag Themselves In Jail – They can watch their jail time tik tok away…

Displaying Full Evidence Of Idiocy – This could quite possibly be the most stupid criminal to ever exist.

Thoughts Suspended – And this would have been the most stupid police officer ever… thank goodness for background checks!

Their Consideration Comes Crashing Down – You could argue that people are arrested because they view the law as “inconvenient.”

This Situation Has Gone To The Dogs – Watch a Karen try to Karen her way out of this one.

Driving While Supplemented – Giving sick burns is not part of the police job requirement, but it sure is appreciated!

Now Playing: Busted – Sometimes the planets align and something beautiful and full of karma happens…

Why Don’t You Call The Cops On ‘Em – In order to be more effective, police officers now have x-ray vision!

Like A Robber In A Donut Shop – The last thing you want to do is interrupt a precinct’s Christmas meal.

Outlaws In Utero – The law can be flexible if your age is negative.

Fast, Furious, And Fined – Police income was also affected when Blockbuster folded.

Rare Flashes Of Intelligence – When calling to report a crime, please try not to make a boob of yourself.

Don’t Bank On It – Suddenly everyone is losing a million dollars…

Should Have Pleaded The Fifth – To be honest, we’re shocked this guy can actually count to four.

Policemen Never Take Sabbath-icals – Sadly, there are more crimes on Sunday than Mass overrunning.

When Call Center Levels Reach Their Ceiling – We really hope this call didn’t end with a “challenge accepted.”

Undeserving And Uptight – Honestly, should have just let them get the ticket.

Respect For Convenience Trumps Respect For The Dead – It might look like a shortcut past the police line, but the added jail-time needs to be taken into account.

Take Ownership Of Your Crime – Warning: Do NOT loan your car to this woman!

Not A Case Of If, But When… – Will someone please think of the children!

Not Something To Horse Around About – It’s no “accident” this happened on July 4th.

The Long Line Of The Law – Justice is served! Karma exists!


We hope you enjoyed this collection of stories! Know any that we missed? Let us know in the comments! Want to submit your own story? Do it here!

Stay safe, everyone!

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