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23 Times The Emergency Services Wish They Could Call 911

| Right | May 16, 2020

Dear readers,

In our continuing coverage of workers that are essential to keep the world running, (we’ve covered grocery store workers, postal workers, healthcare workers, truck drivers and teachers already!) we enter the hi-stress world of the emergency responders. Calling 911 has always been a life-saver, but in recent times it’s revealed to us all just how important these people are, and where we would be without them.

Enjoy the next 23 stories from our archives about our emergency service staff, and see what else they have to put up with on top of genuine emergencies!


Your Urgency Is Not My Emergency – What defines an emergency is very flexible these days.

Flattery, The Best Medicine – Sometimes you need to choose your battles, as long as they get their medicine!

In(tentional) Sickness And In Health – When you call an ambulance but you really need the police.

The (Brain) Damage Has Already Been Done – You never know when you’ve saved someone’s life – even if you really didn’t.

Driving Miss Crazy, Part 2 – We’re more scared that this person is still allowed to drive.

It Turns Out You Can Be Too Safe – Be sorry for the dispatcher that has to deal with them next!

Pepperoni Pizza With A Side Of Pointless Paranoia – 911 is not there for your pizza concerns!

The Highs and Lows Of Parenting – 911: Parents to a nation.

Rescue 911, Transylvania Edition – They don’t just deal with emergencies, they have to deal with calming down personal emergencies too!

Bugging Out – While we recommend the police checking this out anyway, this reaction seems perfectly reasonable to us!

Emergency Services Must Be Pooped – They would rather scared new mothers call, than not call.

She Must Be High(lands) – We don’t know what Scottish whiskey she was drinking but we want some!

Impractical Jokes – Send the police anyway! They can watch.

A Touchy Subject – This story gives new meaning to being discharged from hospital.

Try Calling Nine-One-Number-Two – Well, it is technically still an emergency.

All Smoke Where There Is No Fire – Maybe she was upset that she didn’t get any fried chicken?

Nine-Dum-Dum – We’re amazed they can count to nine and still add two ones to the end.

Not Very Helpful Advice – Emergency Services need all the help they can get!

Lack Of Common Sense Can Get you Fired – When emergency services NEED to call the emergency services.

Give Them A Dress And They’ll Want A Yard – They actually should send the police for these kinds of calls – to arrest the caller for wasting police time!

Their Demands Are Just Hot Air – You’ll want to call the church about that specific request.

Answering The Call Of Duty – More outrageous that the Police Academy movies.

Cramping Up Out Of Embarrassment – Of all the bad decisions someone could make in a college dorm, this is pretty up there!

And as a bonus, one of our very first posts where we see a list of the painfully mundane questions that a recorded in a 911 line.

911 Grab Bag: Define “Emergency”


We hope you enjoyed this collection of stories! Know any that we missed? Let us know in the comments! Want to submit your own story? Do it here!

Stay safe, everyone!

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