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23 Times Taxi Drivers Deserved A Really Big Tip

| Right | May 29, 2020

Dear readers,

In our continuing coverage of workers that keep our world running when things all go a bit 2020 (yes, it’s an adjective now) we move on to taxi drivers. When everything else has shut down, we can rely on them to get us to places in an emergency – yes, we know there’s occasional price gouging but that’s a completely different roundup – think positive today!

Lately, many health workers and essential staff have counted on them to get them where they need to go, so we’ve included them in our shout-outs, like we have to grocery store workers, postal workers, healthcare workers, truck drivers, teachers, police, emergency services, airline staff, waitstaff, and movie theater staff already!


Having A Business Discussion – We really don’t think they understand how this whole taxi thing works.

At The Corner Of Me & Myself – Just tell them you’ll meet them at the corner and that they should know which one.

GPS: Great Practitioners Of Stupidity – When ‘GPS’ has become a verb you know you’re in for an interesting ride.

I Left My Job In San Fresno – That’s going to be a big fare!

We Can Either Do This The Long Way Or The Long Way – Sometimes you just have to give the passenger exactly what they’re asking for.

Lawless And Clueless – We feel sorry for whoever is her driver.

Doesn’t Know One’s (Gas) Station – Not getting any mileage out of admitting they were wrong.

Taxing Taxiing – We feel that maybe they should be going away from the liquor store.

Got A Taxi-ing Search Ahead Of Them – The same old guy story…

Misadventures In Time And Space – Why do they need a cab when it sounds like they already have a tardis?

The Weather Outside Is Frightful And The Customer Is Not Delightful – Nothing ruins Christmas like a big load of entitlement.

How To Drive In The Tips – The obligatory story to make you go ‘awww.’

They’re Uber Demanding – When they’re expecting you to be a 7-Eleven on wheels.

Taxing Pranking – When a coincidence is so beautiful you think its a prank.

One Of Them Is Not Very Personable – Are they a ghost?

Kicking Up A Stink – Talk to them in a language they understand – i.e. a selfish one.

Doctor Very Strange – Hopefully he doesn’t leave his patients waiting as long as he does his taxi drivers.

This Taxi Entitlement Condition Is Terminal – Wrong passengers, entitled tourists, backseat drivers, and this is all one person!

An A-mall-ing Lack Of Attention – A rare case of the passenger realizing that THEY are the problem!

Taxiing Day At The Gym – This taxi driver is about to be very disappointed.

Getting Your Priorities Straight – Taxis are great because if one of them crashes you can just get another one!

(Ursa) Major Pain In The A** – Narrowing down the pickup point to this spiral arm of The Milky Way.

Fairly Foolish Fares – Taxi drivers love a good conversation… but this is not a good conversation.

And finally, a bonus story that isn’t about a taxi driver, but still showcases what they have to put up with:

Driving Miss Crazy, Part 3 – If this car had an entitlement-meter it would be off the scale!


We hope you enjoyed this collection of stories! Know any that we missed? Let us know in the comments! Want to submit your own story? Do it here!

Stay safe, everyone!

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