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23 Times People Were A Few Syllables Short Of A Haiku

| Right | June 13, 2020

Dear readers,

On this day in 1865, the poet W. B. Yeats was born in the town of Sandymount, Ireland. In 1923, Yeats received a Nobel Prize in Literature, and to this day, he is known as one of Ireland’s most famous poets. Among his memorable works are A Prayer For My Daughter, Leda And The Swan, The Stolen Child, and The Second Coming.

Some of you are now leaning in, intrigued. “Tell me more about poets!” you say. You love a good book, a poetry slam, a clever rhyme, a flowery verse.

Some of you are rolling your eyes, bored to tears. “Who cares?!” you cry, wondering when we’ll get back to the funny stuff.

Well, here it comes. Periodically, one of our readers or someone they encounter will fancy themselves a bit of a poet. We’ll leave these 23 stories here for you to judge for yourselves, but we’re pretty sure… they’re no Yeats.


The Definition Of Bad Student – Before you can understand poetry, you need reading and listening skills.

One Must Also Not Forget Chard Dickens A veritable tossed salad of famous figures here!

Don’t Be A Sour Oedipus – When your sibling is the lovechild of Sophocles and Freud…

The Biology Of Poetry – Sometimes slam poetry makes you want to slam… something.

Ever So Slightly Bored – Here’s a story for all you poetry haters out there.

A Poem A-Pooing – How could anyone leave this friend on read?

Poetry In Non-Motion – I am looking out the window… instead of writing descriptions.

Should Have Bought Her A Shrubbery – Great poetry doesn’t have to rhyme!

You’re Still In Bed At Ten, And The Sirens Began At Eight – “Friends”: the epic saga of coffee and monkeys and taking a break.

A Poetic Celebration – Some might consider limericks to be unromantic. They’re wrong.

Moth-Eaten Meanings – In poetry, even poop has meaning.

Poetry Or Bust – The human body can inspire poems and art… and laughter.

Sent To The Glue Factory – Even children’s poems can have a touch of darkness to them.

The Power To Express-o – Inject a little caffeination into your relationship!

The Tenth Circle Is Stupidity – We can’t all be poetry aficionados, but at least we know what poems are.

What A Diction – Hey, it’s hard to find a rhyme for “orange,” okay?

Trump And Taxes – Like all art, sometimes poetry gets a little… political.

Poetry And Try Again – This story’s so punny we can’t stanza it.

Poetry Getting A Frosty Reception – Stay gold, Grandma. Stay gold.

Literary Paralysis – The least fun part of studying poetry… is the teachers.

At The End Of The Day, It’s All Semantics – ڶỖℍ几 k𝔦c𝐊s 𝕋ⓗ𝐞 𝓫𝓪𝓵𝐋, a true classic.

Poetry In Circular Motion – Let’s get you hook-hook-hookah’d on poetry!

They’re Really Desperate To Get People Into Writing Club – It’s important to be articulate when discussing poetry.


We hope you enjoyed this collection of stories! Know any that we missed? Let us know in the comments! Want to submit your own story? Do it here!

Stay safe, everyone!

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