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23 Times Customers Made Convenience Stores Just The Opposite!

| Right | July 11, 2020

Dear readers,

In any normal year, you might want to celebrate 7/11 by heading to your favorite convenience store for a free Slurpee. Between a global health crisis, political turmoil, and natural events seemingly inspired by the book of Revelation, this year is… weird, to say the least. In honor of this very weird 7/11, we’ve assembled 23 weird and crazy stories from convenience stores. From alcohol-soaked to just plain weird to good old-fashioned jerks, we’ve got them all!


Do Not Acid Test God – Exhibit A in the case for convenience store workers getting hazard pay.

Smoking With A Gun – This story comes barrelling in for Exhibit B.

The Weird Adventures Of Brenda The Desperado – Hitler probably wouldn’t have liked this fellow.

“Jump” Past This Failed Attempt – Oh, yeah, this is definitely the way to pick up chicks.

No Credit, No Sight, No Chance – You’d have to be drunk to think this would work.

Prejudice Can Be Soda-pressing – There are worse forms of prejudice out there…

I Am A People Person, You’re Just Not Good People – Being a creep just doesn’t pay with decent people.

They Must Have Learned From Vader’s Wheezing Problem – “Smoking B****es” would be a great band name.

Literally A Flammable Situation – A hole in a gas tank, and another in her brain…

The Car Wash Needs A Wash – Sometimes you just have to go!

Not “Easy” To Insult Someone With No “Soul” – That’s a burn hotter than a cigarette!

Really Needed That Energy Drink – Some people should absolutely not be allowed to drive.

You Can’t Punk A Punk (Or Your Mother) – And he was never heard from again. Go, Mom!

Cash Back Attack, Part 10 – A day may come when we figure out how cashback works. But it is not this day!

Somewhere It’s Beer O’Clock, But Not Here… – There’s a reason alcohol laws exist: people like this.

Strangely Closed Minded – They lost a sale, but they also lost an idiot, so… sounds like a win!

Smoking Is The Key To Looking Young – Time to fire your fake ID guy!

The Stupid… It Burns! – This six-for-one story of idiots who can’t read “CLOSED” signs will run you out of f***s to give, too.

Why Honesty Is Not Always The Best Policy – Maybe this customer should apply the same honesty to his marriage that he does to store clerks?

And Her Roots Were Blonde – This customer is, like, really, like, annoying.

A Law Degree In Second-Degree Burns – There’s stupid and then there’s pretending-you-can’t-read stupid.

Sometimes They Are Right, And It Comes With Age – Occasionally, a customer is… responsible? We know; we’re confused, too.

No Point Climbing The Ladder In This Place – It’s not always the customers you have to look out for!


We hope this collection of stories made you smile, or at least made you feel better about that awkward thing you said to a cashier last week. Know any stories that we missed? Let us know in the comments! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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