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23 Times Customers At The Gym Were A Bigger Pain Than The Workout

| Right | June 7, 2020

Dear readers,

Gyms are a place where exercise, sweat, endurance, and pain all help us to push ourselves to be better than before.

And then you have the members in the 23 stories below, gathered from our archives, to show that interacting with some people is harder than a hundred straight burpees.

The Ugliest Person In The Room – These are the kinds of people who die alone.

If At First You Don’t Survive… – Now we really want to know what happened the first time!

No Gastric Pain, No Gain – On a purely liquid detox diet.

Taking “No Pain, No Gain” Too Far – Working out so much that your muscles are on fire!

Brawn Over Brains – We hope they have a great body because they don’t have much brains going for them.

Didn’t Quite Hit The Nail On The Head – Some gyms have daycares – emphasis on the word care!

This. Is. High Bar-ta. – We feel the bad behavior of this teen is a teeny-tiny bit connected to the father.

That’s A Wrap On The Rap – Okay, we concede this member has a point.

His Opinion Carries No Weights – You can’t fight meatheads with logic.

Bad Things Come To Those Who Wait – We think their ears must be water-logged as they DO… NOT… LISTEN!

Please Stop ‘Schwer’-ing – Why do people lose their minds when they are forced to learn something new as adults?

Unfair Daycare – We bet this member didn’t even work out that day…

Dandruff And Huff About It – Didn’t use his head (and shoulders).

Will Not Accept This Locker-Room Behavior – Behaving like a hurt locker.

It’s Going To Be A Long Night – If this is how this person’s brain works then it’s no wonder they are up all night.

H2OMG – We really hope they weren’t being serious, because if they were, then… well… re-read the title.

The Only Trauma Is For The Parent – The only exercising she seems to be doing is exercising her moral judgment.

Climbing For Attention – Reaching new heights of entitlement.

Class Is Closed To Ugly Personalities – Maybe she’s the same woman from the first story?

Doing A Boob Job, Not A Parenting Job – Raising the next generation of entitled a**holes.

A New Year’s Resolution Guaranteed For Success – That’s… that’s not how it’s supposed to go.

Roid Rage – Spinning out of control!

She’s Going To LOVE TrejoBot! – Bigotry and biking do not mix.

And finally, a bonus story about a GOOD gym member. So good that it’s almost sinister…

Now Give Me One Million Push Ups – True, some personal trainers are evil.


We hope you enjoyed this collection of stories! Know any that we missed? Let us know in the comments! Want to submit your own story? Do it here!

Stay safe, everyone!

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