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23 Times Asking “Where Are You From” Ended Really Badly

| Right | October 16, 2020

Dear readers,

The world is a shrinking place, and people from all over are moving… well, all over! Diversity and sharing of cultures is to be celebrated and treasured, but there are many who know that the question “where are you from” can sometimes have negative connotations.

We’ve rounded up twenty-three stories from our archives about this very specific question, and how it usually turns out badly for the person being asked. Try not to roll your eyes too much!


Extreme Foreign Interests – Sounds like this customer just blew in from Jerktown.

That Kind Of Behavior Is Just Not Cricket – This guy makes such a strong argument.

Speaking American Is A Country Diction In Terms, Part 2 – Hits from the comments: “One can hope they’re shopping for brains.”

Accentuating The Problem, Part Deux – Why do you need to know? Why would the author lie? We have so many questions!

Irredeemable Ignorance – Hey, they were only off by like, 2000 miles!

Accented Resented – There’s no need to get huffy when the answer isn’t what you expect.

The Land Of The Free From Thought – For someone so concerned about who is American, they sure don’t have a good grasp on… who is American.

Arabian Plights – Ignorance and assault? You’re getting a great deal with this story!

Just Take A Deep Breath And Psy – And everyone in Tennessee knows how to do the Boot Scootin’ Boogie.

Space (Between His Ears) Oddity – Time to get out a map!

Modern Day Vampires Are The Pitts(burgh) – And here I thought vampires came from Forks, Washington.

Say Sayonara To Intelligence – You mean you don’t speak Asian?

She Also Speaks Ironic – Hits from the comments: “The convenience store across the road sells excellent aloe vera cream. Great for those second-degree burns.”

No Vocation For Location, Part 6 – At least one of them had a clue!

Where Are They From, From? – We all know what they were really trying to ask.

Their Brain Is French-Fried – I speak English pretty well, but I have no words for this.

Brown-Skinned Savage, I Come From Distant Shores – You get one of those sad MS Paint gold stars that says, “You tried.”

Signs Our Educational System Is Going South – Oh… Oh, dear. Time to go back to first grade.

Canada: America’s Hat, Part 4 – I’m scared to ask what he thought Americans looked like.

The Ire Of The Irish – Are you tired yet? Us, too.

South Of South End – You have got to be kidding. Really. We’re begging you.

Cardiac Unrest – And now a shift from the mind-bogglingly stupid to the outright bigots!

Get Lost (In Translation) – At least this librarian had the grace to be embarrassed by her own assumption.

And finally, a bonus story where the question “where are you from” doesn’t come from who you expect…

Texan Bull In A China Shop – I don’t think Texas wants this person back, either.


We hope you enjoyed this roundup about how some people don’t have the best intentions in asking where you’re from! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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