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23 Terrifying Tales Of Creepy Children

| Right | September 1, 2020

Dear readers,

The creepy kid is a familiar trope in horror movies, but we have a feeling those scriptwriters must have had some inspiration from the terrifying toddlers in this list. Some children come out with the uncanniest things, and others can be expected to say things out of context that can leave more than the parents a little concerned, but hey, kids are weird.

We’ve gone through our archive and exorcised 23 stories about little kids with active imaginations, that tend to be a little dark. Be careful!


All Little Girls Dream Of Their Red Wedding – Ooooh, someone’s dad is in trouble…

Bad Grandpa Meets Grand Theft Auto – In about twelve years, stay off the roads!

A Scarred Childhood – Nooooooooooo!

The Cult Of Spongebob – All glory to the hypnosponge!

Deathly Serious – We hope you haven’t reached your creepy quota yet.

Harry Potter And The Butter Knife Of Gryffindor – Potterheads are a special kind of weirdo.

That Might Come Back To Bite Him – Somebody seems to prefer being an only child.

Best Keep An Eye On Her – This story will make your eyes pop out of your head!

When Your Kin Wants Skin – Be very careful making out your will.

BAD Behaviour – Billie Jean is… very concerned. Are you okay?

That One’s A Bad Egg – Well, they’re not wrong.

Build A Psycho Factory – Hits from the comments: “Kali ma… Kali ma… KALI MA SHAKTI DE!”

Weirdly Placed Manners – Best to stick to people your own age.

Mr. Reaper And His Kids – The Grim Reaper is an excellent babysitter.

Trident And Try Again – We’re going to go with “because he’s three.”

That Child Will Be The Death Of Me – Um… run?

The Devil Has A Spell(ing) On You – This is a spellbinding tale!

Deathly Funny – This kid is a real card.

Drink And Be Merry, For Tomorrow We Die – Keep this one out of the kitchen, please.

Death Is His Plaything – Time to bring in the cadaver dogs.

Your Costume Is Streets Ahead – The Depressame Street song will be stuck in your head all day.

On Reflection, Best Not To Ask… – Hits from the comments: “Well. That’s innocent yet terrifying.”

Terrible Twos Meets The Satanic Sixes – What’re the odds she grows up to be a goth kid?

And finally, a bonus story about creepy children – we didn’t say they had to be human children…

Trick Or Treat – You said the magic word; it’s like a spell!


We hope you enjoyed this creepy kids roundup! Let us know in the comments if there were any stories we were too lazy to include! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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