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23 Stories To Show We Have A Long Way To Go For LGBTQ Equality

| Right | May 22, 2020

Dear readers,

Today is Harvey Milk day! The first openly-gay elected official in the US, Harvey Milk served the people of California and was an important public face for the rights of the LGBTQ community. Sadly, his assassination in 1978 showed that the world still had a long way to go, and still does to this day. As the man was honored with his own day to remember the struggle he fought for, we here at Not Always Right would like to partake.

Please enjoy the following 23 stories from our archives that show both the struggles and joys of the LGBTQ community, who are just trying to go to work and pay their bills like everyone else.

Just A (Cast The First) Stone’s Throw Away From A True Christian – We’ll set the tone with what a real Christian looks like. No, not her, the other dude!

You Couldn’t Make It Up – A story to make mascara run.

The Joy Of Sex(ism), Part 3 – Dealing with bigoted customers is just one of many talents…

Domestically Dimwitted – We get that he’s trying, but sheesh!

Not Just Ol’ Gay Paris Anymore – So, everyone with a British accent is gay? We have so many questions…

Bi-Curiouser and Curiouser – Getting it wrong bi definition.

Corrupt The Kids And You’ll Have H*** Toupee – Lesbians, listen! This mother has rules for you all.

Excess Of XY – To be fair, “they” have had “them” every day, but we guess this is progress.

Stereo-Griping – Look, some gay guys want to wear anime shirts and stay up all night playing Animal Crossing.

Queer As Folk Re-Vamped – We doubt the vampire community is as hung up on this as we are.

Separates The Men From The Boys – This guy is either secretly bigoted, or secretly crushing on his friend!

Grandma Won’t Be Outmatched – The only old-fashioned thing happening here is Grandma setting up her grandkids.

Best Not To Exchange With Haters – When teamwork and allyship come together beautifully.

This Boss Gets More Than Just The Check – The times, they are a ‘changing.

Setting Mother Straight – A very valid reason to look forward to turning eighteen.

Bigotry Unleashed – She needs to find a vet because her pet just got burned!

Served With Just Desserts – Read until the last line. So worth it.

God Loves Little Girls Who Stand Up For Others – Bigotry is taught, not something we’re born with.

Bigotry Is Not On The Menu  – Okay, we get this is playing up stereotypes too, but it’s for a good cause so we’re okay with it.

An Act Of Kindness Fit For The Movies – A Christmas feel-good story in May, because this year is already too weird so who cares!

Ornithologically Correct  – A story about peacocking, but in a good way.

Bringing Tolerance Up To Date – One day, hopefully, this one be a noteworthy story.

Getting Straight To The Point – One more educated!


We hope you enjoyed this collection of stories! Know any that we missed? Let us know in the comments! Want to submit your own story? Do it here!

Stay safe, everyone!

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