23 Stories From The Museum – From Stupid Visitors To Amazing Children!

| Right | May 18, 2020

Dear readers,

It’s international museum day! Museums can be amazing places of learning, adventure, and fantastic days out for the whole family. If you can think of a subject, there is likely a museum dedicated to it, from a dog collar museum in England, a Tap Water museum in Beijing, and even a museum of “Bad Art” in Massachusetts! One thing they all have in common, are visitors, and some of them can fight to remain ignorant no matter how informative the exhibits!

Gathered here for your amusement and bemusement, is a fine collection of 23 stories from the Not Always Right museum archives, showcasing why museums need to exist in the first place, to educate the idiots!


Jurassic Lark – Sadly, visitors like these are not going extinct.

When Reality Is An Iceberg – They recovered his body from the bottom of the ocean.

Stupid Is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg – We suspect this is the same visitor from the previous story.

They Don’t Know Jack – In fact, we think all three are the same person. Hopefully, this ends at a trilogy!

Museum Hours Negotiable – The museum hours are not “open” to interpretation.

War Can Be Taxing – This lesson in history makes us weep for our future.

High Commission Brain Attrition – The longer you read this, the worse it gets.

Mother’s Little Yeller – Museums need to start hiring children to police the adults.

Un-Beaver-able – When the “wilderness” to most visitors is the line of trees along the street.

The History Of Photography Doesn’t Quite Click – The amazing ability to unlearn everything you have just learned.

Suffering For Art – Either she was taking photos, or she’s communing with the aliens…

This Apple Fell Far From Its Tree, Part 2 – We would like to “direct” this kid to a free cookie!

When Flippers Attack – The Sharknado people are running out of ideas.

Spaced Out – This visitor is astronomically stupid.

Please Do Not Titillate The Employees – Please no flash photography, outside food, or flirting…

When Photos Are Exposed – If there was a museum of “People perfectly caught in the act” they’d be the main exhibit.

A Mammoth Mistake – This visitor is so not ready for what they’re about to learn next…

Have Customer, Will Poke – Why museums can’t have nice things.

Tall Tail Tales – It was either tall tails or a whale of a tale, but either way, the punny title is not the most painful part of this story.

Very Old Lang Syne – Ah, yes, William Wallace would sing songs of him!

Grab Bag: MMA-SF – Knowing this site, these could all be the same customer.

There’s No Such Thing As Two Stupid Questions – When you make something idiot-proof, the universe makes a better idiot.

Kids Love To Wise-Crack – Sometimes the children can learn too much.


We hope you enjoyed this collection of stories! Know any that we missed? Let us know in the comments! Want to submit your own story? Do it here!

Stay safe, everyone!

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