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23 Stories About New York, And Why You Have To Be Ready For The Big Apple!

| Right | September 11, 2020

Dear readers,

As you all know, today is September 11th, a day that will forever be etched into the memories of many of us – but none more so than New Yorkers.

In commemoration of today, we’ve rounded up 23 stories about The Big Apple herself, covering a wide range of people, from amazing, to amazingly terrible, but all New-Yorkers to heart! And if the story isn’t about New York, it’s about how so many want to get there! So just for today, let’s take in the sights of the city that never sleeps, even if it might be full of awful customers!


It Was A Humbling Time For All Of Us – Disasters have a way of reminding us all of our priorities.

Totally Lost It – You can’t help people who don’t want to be helped.

The Best And Worst Idea To Date – This kid is wise beyond his years.

I’m Leaving Today… – Hasn’t this kid ever watched Law & Order? Or How I Met Your Mother? Or In The Heights?

Not All Sidewalk Salesmen In NYC Are Scammers… Who Knew? – To be fair, this editor didn’t know the answer, either, and I’m American!

Confidence Is Cute – Two, four, six, eight, who do we appreciate? Ourselves!

The Day That Silenced Everyone – The comments on this one are a hard read, but well worth it.

A Bridge Too Far – You have to stand extra strong against scammers when you’re in New York!

Thank You For Shopping At Wrongway Mart – They don’t have maps where y’all come from?

A Storm Of Protest – Clearly, weather does not apply to delivery drivers!

No Aptitude For Latitude, Part 3 – No aptitude for altitude, either.

Bordering On Brawling – Now if they could just remember where they pahked the cahhh…

You’re Streets Ahead Of Them – This is a special kind of stupid.

Escalate In A New York Minute – I visited NYC once and not one person told me that. I feel left out.

Can’t Bridge That Knowledge Gap – Sometimes students know what they’re talking about.

Help Is A New York Minute Away, Part 2 – An honest stranger makes up for an honest mistake.

A Non-Understanding Of Non-Profits – Everyone knows non-profits run on hopes and dreams.

The Metro Doesn’t Go That Far – There is more to New York state than New York City!

Hats Off To Bad Service – Is this a hat etiquette issue or a sports team loyalty issue? The world may never know.

Call Me By My Name And I’ll Seat You Under Yours – Hits from the comments: “Has that ever worked in the history of EVER?”

If You Can Make It There… – “Basic geography” isn’t so basic, apparently.

No Country For Old (Wo)men – See previous story’s caption.

Can Come Up With Puns In Your Sleep – Hits from the comments: “Several bad puns later…”


We hope you enjoyed this New York City-themed roundup for this special day. Let us know in the comments if there were any stories we were too lazy to include! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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