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23 Sad-But-True Stories About How Bad Customers Treat Native Americans

| Right | July 5, 2020

Dear readers,

Yesterday many of you celebrated July 4th, and we genuinely hope a happy time was had by all who did. It’s always important to remember those who lived in the USA (and Canada!) before it became a country fighting for Independence to begin with.

Over the years, we have received many stories about customers treating Native Americans with a lack of respect, ignorance, or complete frustration that their racist attack of “go back to your own country!” is met with an inevitable conclusion. We have rounded up 23 stories that should help remind all of us that we should celebrate cultures and differences, and honor those who came before us.


The First And True Language Of America – How do you say ‘burned’ in Navajo?

Has No Reservations About His Comments – If a “lazy immigrant who can’t speak English” was able to take your job…

(Not One Of) History’s Mysteries – Natives live in the North Pole with Santa!

You’re Being Disrespectful To Shark Music – When people hear the word “ethnic” and then turn up their nose, you know it’s about to get bad…

Who Needs History When You Have Hollywood – Ignorance and history are a bad combination.

Giving Them Some White Privileged Information – If you’re about to make a racist comment, be prepared for the consequences…

The True Meaning Of Being American – When they demand to speak to a “full-blooded American” and get exactly what they asked for.

This Child Has Few Reservations – Is this one of those mixing up opinions and facts things?

Going Native – If being born in a country was enough to stop the “go back to where you came from!” argument then a LOT of issues would be solved.

Our Great DiscrimiNation – When you learn to speak Cherokee, then you can make that claim.

Bigot Bait – Could this be the most racist boss in Canada?

Doesn’t Understand The Native Part – Only a “true” American can understand.

It’s About To Get Crazy Horse Up In Here – All hail Chief ‘Ejects-Bigoted-A**-hole-From-Premises’!

Our Great DiscrimiNation, Part 3 – Well now we know why they were hired!

Talking Like Crazy (Horse) – Seriously, what are they learning in school these days?

Real America Doesn’t Want Him – When it comes to resentment, racism, and entitlement, this guy has zero reservations!

Bigotry Begins With The Boss – Maybe this guy was trained by that other boss from Canada.

Navajo-No-No – Well, at least they were trying.

Hopi-ng For Them To Leave – Of all the things that Native people can be outraged about, we doubt this is high up on their list.

Go Native Or Go Home – Wow, this Cherokee language class must be filling up!

Gives New Meaning To Family Tree – See how easy it is for history to be taken out of context.

The History Of Photography Doesn’t Quite Click – We love that this guy wants to learn – it’s just he has such a long way to go!

Maybe They Should Just Call It A Day – We end this roundup with a piece of sound wisdom from a tribal elder.


We hope you found this collection of stories interesting and informative. Know any that we missed? Let us know in the comments! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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