23 Reasons Why You Should Dance Like A Chicken! – For Dance Like A Chicken Day!

| Right | May 14, 2020

Apparently, it’s Dance Like A Chicken Day! You know the one we’re talking about: tuck your hands into your armpits, pretend they’re wings, and flap about in a fit of lunacy, preferably to a beat although having rhythm is by no means a requirement!

Originally inspired by the song “Der Ententanz” (Google it, you’ll know it when you hear it), released in the  1950s in Switzerland, few people would know the bizarre cultural impact it would have on the world. Whether you’re having a great day, or a bad day, or just need something to smile about, try to make it a chicken-dance kind of day today!

In the meantime, you can enjoy these 23 stories, selected to celebrate the need to dance not just like a chicken!

Spoiled – We’d like to propose a new dance: “The Helicopter Mom!”

Day Trippy – Dance to your own beat; just don’t forget your purse!

Disco Stu Does Not Approve – Look, we all love a boogie, but there is a time and place!

So She Thinks She Can Dance – When interpretive dance is too open to interpretation.

Riverdunce – You know you like dance when you think the orchestra is the warm-up act.

The Triforce Of Love – You won’t find a more “aww” story today, or possibly this week! It’s also the nerdiest!

Why Dance Rhymes With Romance – Or maybe this is the most “aww” story. You decide!

G2GBTW – When the cats away, the mice come out to dance.

This Teacher Will Keep You On Your Toes – That’ll teach you!

It Better Come With Champagne Showers – The father/daughter dance will never be the same again.

Snap Dance – Dance is powerful, so get it right!

When Push Comes To Shove, Don’t – Dancing requires the right attitude and she does not have it.

Some Customers Just Waltz In – It’s a dancing revolution!

Best Try The Duet Yourself Checkout – Feel free to sing and dance, but it’s not free!

Customers To Keep You On Your Toes – No one is entitled to a dance.

Just Take A Deep Breath And Psy – For one month in history, this was the only dance in existence!

Kick Off Your Sunday Shoe Store – If you play music from that movie, you’re asking for it.

Hey Mr DJ, Put My Record On – Dancing is an art, but it’s also a science.

Revenge Is Sweat – I call this the karma dance!

At Least It’s Not Hot For Teacher – Do ya want me to dance?

Give Dad A Break – There’s no dancing around this dad joke.

Misunderstanding The Free Market – Dancing is beautiful and so are all the dancers.

He Can Hop Along Back To Jerksville – Jerks can’t dance, they just jerk around.


We hope you enjoyed today’s roundup! Remember, it doesn’t have to involve chickens, you don’t even have to dance, but do something to make you smile today. Any other roundups you’d like to see, let us know in the comments! Got your own story to tell? Share it with us here!

Stay safe, everyone!