23 Minutes Of Awesome

, | Right | May 16, 2017

(Due to Sunday trading laws most stores in town close at four. We are lucky enough to trade an extra hour. (Can you read the sarcasm?) At 4:38 a man approaches the doors pushing a bicycle.)

Customer: “Are you still open?”

Me: “For the next—” *looks at phone* “—22 minutes.”

Customer: “D***, I need 23.”

(Both of us laugh a little.)

Customer: “Can I leave this—” *indicating bike* “—there? I’ll only be a minute.”

Me: “You liar. You said you needed 23 minutes… Which is it?”

(The customer laughs.)

Me: “Yeah, sure, go on, but—” *getting phone out again* “—I’m timing you… Time starts… NOW!”

(The customer nips in, grabs a couple of drinks, gets to the till, and is back out. As he leaves:)

Customer: “Thanks for the laugh. Seems rarer and rarer to find people with a sense of humour.”

Me: “I work here. It 4:43, on a Sunday. I’m liable to be here still in an hour; a sense of humour is mandatory. Thanks a lot. See you again; have a good evening!”

(They aren’t all bad.)

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