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23 Hilarious Stories About Taking Your Dog To The Vet!

| Right | August 27, 2020

Dear readers,

A few days ago we ran a roundup about taking your cat to the vet! While you all agreed that this is an important reminder for pet owners everywhere, many of you wanted to remind us that every dog has their day, too, so we should run a similarly-themed canine equivalent!

Also, yesterday was International Dog Day! So, to make up for missing it and to remind you to take man’s best friend to the vet, here are 23 hilarious stories from our archives about dumb dog owners that both vets and dogs have to put up with.


So Dumb It Hurts – Gotta love those stories that make you question how the subject is even alive.

Someone Needs To Get Out More – At least the dog is healthy… and happy.

The Devil Is In The De-Tails – As long as the veterinarian knows what they’re asking for…

The Dog Isn’t The One That Needs To Get Neutered – This takes “Crazy Requests” to a whole new level.

Going Bananas – This vet knows how to handle nuts!

And Here’s To You, Fido Robinson – So… you probably don’t call them your furbabies, do you?

Not All Customers Are Bona-Fido – These customers are really going to the dogs.

When Intelligence Is Tempered – “Distemper” is kind of a misnomer…

Nip-Picking – Time to nip this stupidity in the bud.

A Dogged Request – People could learn to think before they speak, but then we wouldn’t have such funny stories!

Why So Serious – I mean, she’s not wrong…

Dispense With The Pedantries – Are we sure it’s safe to let this customer dispense medicine?

Gonna Bay For It Now – Not to be snoopy, but have you ever had a beagle before?

It’s A Dog-Gone Fact – Not exactly what anyone was expecting.

Should Have Vetted The Owners First – Why do people expect lies like this to work?

Trying To Give A Dogged Defense – There’s homophobia, and then there’s this a**hole…

Threat Of A Roverdose – It’s really unfortunate that just anyone can own a dog.

Is That A Tumor In Your Pocket… – We hope this story arouses your interest.

A Muddied Understanding – Rover takes a spa day!

Entreating You For The Treats – Sometimes you need a snack right just now.

Sick Of His Secrets – Don’t tell the owners from Trying To Give A Dogged Defense about this one.

I Don’t Know Myself! – This story checks all the Extra Stupid boxes.

More Than Just A Pet Hate – We’re all going to want some anesthesia after this one…

Boy, What A Problem! – Boy, are we glad we’re not vets.

And finally, a bonus story that reminds us no matter who we are or what we’re going through, having a dog will remain one of our best memories to treasure.

Man’s Best Friend, From Beginning To End – Bring out the tissues for this one.


We hope you found this roundup about taking your dog to the vet entertaining! Let us know in the comments if there were any stories we were too lazy to include! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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