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23 Great Stories About Junk Food, And Why It’s Okay To Indulge Once In A While!

| Right | July 21, 2020

Dear readers,

Today is Junk Food Day! We know it’s not good for you, and you should only eat it in moderation, but we can’t deny that it’s delicious! Junk Food Day is a worldwide “cheat” day where you don’t have to feel guilty indulging in your guilty culinary pleasures, be it burgers, donuts, bacon, or… in the case of one specific example represented by the 23 stories listed below – souls.

Diet starts tomorrow! For now, settle down with a greasy plate, and enjoy our calorific roundup!


That Comment Contains Many Holes – If only this were true… 🍩

A Nugget Of Truth Can Get You In Trouble – Chicken nuggets so good they’re worth going to jail for.

Too Much Food, Not Enough Thought – If people like more pasta than salad, then let them enjoy it!

Little Bite-Sized Lies – The cure for all their family in the hospital are chicken nuggets!

With Great Pizza Comes Great Responsibility – Delivered by your friendly neighborhood Spiderman.

The Greasy Taste Of Irony – An irony burger with a side of rudeness.

That’s The Way The Cookie Continuously Crumbles – This family saga runs for five generations… of cookies.

The Secret Is In The Sauce – Let’s hope she gets what she is expecting.

Fattening Fallacies – These are the same people that microwave their iPhones to charge them.

One Slice Short Of A Pizza – This needs to be submitted to Mythbusters.

A Healthy Amount Of Unhealthy Food – We see pizza, we eat the pizza. There are no further facts to discuss.

Supper Is In The Soup Now – Now we want to know about the cookies.

There’s A Turkey Alright, But It’s Standing In Line – When will the lies stop?!

This Request Is Toast – On the bad side, everyone is laughing at you. On the plus side – toasted schnitzel for everyone!

Something With Sprinkles, I’d Wager… – We need a divorce donut.

The Hole In His Logic – If you don’t believe husbands shopping without their wives can be this stupid, then you’ve not been paying attention.

Always Right, Even When Devouring Your Mortal Soul – Meet a real soul eater! Let’s hope yours tastes salty!

Crude & Cruder – We didn’t believe this story, but then we saw what incels say and we figured it was sadly accurate.

Sam And Dean Save The Day AgainSupernatural Season 45 will be all about Dean’s heart issues from eating all those burgers.

A Healthy Uptake In Coupons – We love junk food! But not only junk food…

Shaming Special On The Pre-Wedding Aisle, Part 2 – Nosey and judgmental old ladies need to mind their own business!

Losing Their Financial Puppy Fat – An awww story to make you appreciate every penny… And candy!

The Price Of Parenting – As soon as your children discover junk food, you know their price.


We hope you enjoyed this delicious collection of Not Always Right stories! Know any stories we missed? Let us know in the comments! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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