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23 Funny Stories About Snakes And How They’re Misunderstood

| Right | July 16, 2020

Dear readers,

Today is World Snake Day! These often-vilified but actually beautiful creatures are often misunderstood by anyone that watches Snakes On A Plane and just rolls with it. For example, out of the 3,600 species of snake we know about, only about 600 are venomous, and of those, only 200 are a risk to a human. Also, as far as we’re aware, only one snake has ever attacked Jennifer Lopez.

We’ve slithered into our archives to present 23 stories about snakes, those who love them, and those who hate them! Enjoy!


The Scales Will Never Fall From Her Eyes – Everyone knows girls should only have puppies and kittens and ponies.

Avoid A Shake With The Snake – He should definitely wash his hands either way.

Aches On A Brain – It’s what it says on the tin, my friend.

You Can Snake Around But The Answer Will Be The Same – Why does no one understand how wildlife works?

Snakes Like To Vegetate After A Meal – Probably not what God meant when he put enmity between snake and woman.

I’m Not A Snake Oil Salesman – They sure hosed this one up…

A Weebly Weird Conversation – The world’s first-ever meme. Some of our readers might be a bit too young for this!

Tweedledee and Tweedledum – At least someone in this roundup likes snakes!

A Hiccup In The Food Chain – God’s inbox is full of weird requests like these.

Hiss-terical Parenting – Kids are wiser than we think.

How To Rattle Your Teacher – The teacher may have had a heart attack but the laughs were worth it.

Snaking Around The Truth – Another thrilling lesson in reptile science!

Taking The Man Out Of Spiderman – She clearly didn’t refer to the female hive mind on this one.

Baby Boa – Please keep your children out of reach of loose snakes!

Of Mice And Mental Regrets – Oh, rats. Another dummy.

Putting The Squeeze On Stupid – This coworker’s venom gets an injection of instant karma!

Please Do Not Pet The Employees – This guy is way creepier than a snake.

Picky Python – We’ve already established that snakes aren’t vegetarians… but apparently, they do eat cookies.

Snakes On A Plane…And In The Next Seat Over – A seeing-eye snake? Now we’ve seen everything.

Hiss-terical Contest – Archie is the all-time champion at staring contests!

Feeder Mice Not Included – You’re not really speaking our language, are you?

Hiss-terical – We’re not pulling your leg; this is a good one.

The Title Could Be Plane-er – We’ll let Samuel field this one…


We hope you found this collection of stories illuminating, and not too slithery! Know any that we missed? Let us know in the comments! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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