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23 Funny Stories About Ice Cream Store Customers To Send A Chill Down Your Spine

| Right | July 19, 2020

Dear readers,

Today is World Ice Cream day! Back in 1984, President Reagan wanted to commemorate the dessert that more than 90 percent of the population in the United States enjoys, so he decreed that it would have its own day. But in all honestly, do we need a special day to enjoy ice cream?

Here for your chilled pleasure are 23 scoops from our archives about ice cream store workers, and the frosty customers they have to deal with.


Fudge In Flight – It’s going to be another one of those sundaes…

Clandestine Calorie Cutters – Lying about allergies is one thing. Lying about diabetes is another…

Living A Vanilla Kind Of Life – I’ll have an ice-cream flavored ice-cream!

You Can Never Dumb It Down Enough – Do these people expect bowling-ball sized burgers at McDonald’s too?

I Cry, You Cry, We All Cry For Ice Cream – This customer ensures you endure crunchtime every shift.

Losing Their Marbles – Try to explain it without sounding stone cold.

Mixing In Danger Costs Extra – All he’s asking is that you change the atomic structure of the peanuts… easy!

Basic Subtraction, How I Miss Thee – This story is neither minty or refreshing.

Literally Scream For Ice Cream – The color of this flavor is blood red.

The Karma Of Capitalism – You know you’re in trouble when they don’t even understand two-for-one.

Bananas For Vanana – You’re going to go bananas about this pronunciation.

Ben’s OK, Jerry’s Gone Nuts – When you want a nutty ice-cream but you don’t want nuts… well… you’re nuts!

The Forbidden Fruit – This one tastes like the loss of innocence.

Choosing A Flavor Should Be A Piece Of Cake – Hopefully, he tastes with his ears.

A Diet Made Up Of Wishful Shrinking – Those who count calories better not count on lying to themselves.

Belaboring The Flavoring – Please invent three new flavors just so we don’t have to endure this conversation again.

Doubling Down On Dumb – When double is no trouble.

When Life Demands Too Much, Go Scientology – Numbers aren’t real, and neither is your reality about toppings being free.

What A Concept: Ice Cream That Melts – We apologize for not assuming that you are a total idiot.

I Woke Up Today And Felt Like Complaining – This customer has probably been the subject of about nine Not Always Right stories.

How Gluttons Complain – Don’t go soft on scammers like this.

Weight Watchers Rejects – The last request is the cherry on top.

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream… – Forget the ice cream. Just scream.

And finally, a bonus story not about ice cream, but mousse! But we don’t think mousse gets its own day, so we felt sorry for it.

Free Of Gluten, Free Of Thought – Watch out for that gluten water!


We hope you enjoyed this cold and creamy roundup! Know any that we missed? Let us know in the comments! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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