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23 Funny Stories About Terrible Cousins And Why We Put Up With Them!

| Related Right | August 31, 2020

Dear readers,

Sometimes cousins can be a best friend, closer than a sibling, an older role-model to look up to, or a younger family member to look after. And then sometimes, they can be one of the examples found in the 23 stories we have listed here! We’re sure these cousins aren’t terrible people all the time, but they certainly come up with some terrible situations!


Where Politically Correct Dreams (Don’t) Come True – These Disney+ edits are going too far!

On A Different Animal Planet – She would have said Jabiru next!

WMDs: Women Of Massive Delusions – Soooo much re-education is required!

Dial ‘S’ For Sassy – These days all you have to do is change the wifi password and you’ve won!

Kids Marry Together Strange Ideas – So much deprogramming will be required later!

Colorful Poetry – They are acting d’oranged!

The Whatchamacallit Family – This is that story about the thingies and the people that thingy!

Me Speak Only Americano – English people be like… wot?

The Age Of Time-Lords – Being a fan is all relative… dimensions in time and space.

Enough To Make You Cry Me A River – They’re deep in de-nile.

The Ex-Generation X – Do NOT read this story if you were born before 1999.

Names Are All Relative – There’s Angela, Pamela, Sandra and Rita?

Rise Of The Planet Of The Dopes – Yes. They are a bad person.

Baking American Pie – Some fillings need not be dwelled upon.

This Fight Is At Fever Pitch – When you win the battle but lose the war…

A Pedigree Education – Be careful, kid learn by example!

The Nickname Blame Game – As long as it’s not X Æ A-12…

Yahweh Way Wrong About This – Some people think they are God’s gift… and then there’s this.

Killer Koalas From Krypton – We always knew those Koalas were up to no good.

Needs To Adopt A Better Attitude – Some cousins are terrible but they’re still family. Some cousins are just trash and lose that right.

Course Number Two – Let’s hope the live stream refers only to the words.

Deathly Hallow Be Thy Name – He who shall not be blamed for your sins!

Pray They Weren’t Watching Christine – This movie is rated AAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!


We hope you enjoyed this roundup about terrible cousins! Let us know in the comments if there were any stories we were too lazy to include! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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