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23 Crazy Stories About The Ignorance That Epileptics Have To Deal With

| Right | September 14, 2020

Dear readers,

Did you know that epilepsy affects millions of people and is the fourth most common neurological disease after migraines, stroke, and Alzheimer’s? Yet despite those numbers, the general knowledge around this condition is shockingly low. Our editors didn’t have to dig very deep in our archive to find 23 stories that showcase the ignorance on the subject, and the sad situations that those with epilepsy, or other conditions prone to cause seizures, have to put up with.

Please take a moment to read some of these stories and better understand the daily life of someone who thinks very differently about the meaning of seizing the day!


General Fits Of Ignorance – Her concept of rudeness is a bit… misplaced…

Wish You Could See What You’re Saying – We’re pretty sure they’ll be okay.

Enough To Give You A Fit – Hits from the comments: “Stop. Lawyer time.”

Overlook And Overstep – Not everyone knows what to do in this situation, but “nothing” is probably the wrong answer.

Some Substitutes Should Be Screened – Ignorant teachers can be hazardous to your health.

Seizing Control Of The Schedule – If only it were that simple.

Dad Is The Biggest Baby – We have one word: “YIKES”.

The Checkout Line Has Seized Up – First of all, snowflakes are beautiful. Second of all, you’re a JERK.

It’s Not The Epileptic Having The Fit – Warning: this story contains a bigoted a**hole. Proceed with caution.

Shirtless Rock Stars Will Have Them In Fits – This story may give you a fever you can’t sweat out.

Have You Tried Just… Not Being Epileptic? – Are you sure you’re not just going through a phase, sweetie?

Possessed Of An Overactive Imagination – Hits from the comments: “…and you’re not Latin her live it down?”

Seize The Day, And The Planet! – Hits from the comments: “It wasn’t a tonic-clonic seizure, but a tectonic-clonic seizure.”

Seizing Up At The Facts – Sorry, but watching House, MD and Grey’s Anatomy doesn’t make you an expert.

You Have To Spell It Out To Them – ¡Es hora de encontrar un nuevo médico!

How To Seize The Moment – Feel free to have a seizure yourself if you think it will get you served faster.

Doing More Pharm Than Good – Navigating insurance is hard enough without employees like these.

Prejudice Can Be A Handicap – Because screw people with invisible disabilities, right?

Go To Work And Throw A Fit – At least this particular boss takes seizures and safety seriously!

There Will Be Bloodwork – It’s almost like you should listen to your patients or something.

Seize A Photo Opportunity – She’ll live, but her uncle will never live it down.

Adding Insult To Injury – How would you like it if we stared at you while you were having a medical emergency?!

A ‘Fitting’ Response – For a change of pace, here’s a bunch of kind strangers that deserve a round of hugs and a dose of good Karma.


We hope you found this Epilepsy-themed roundup interesting! Let us know in the comments if there were any stories we forgot to include! Want to send in your own story? Pull out some crayons and submit your story here!

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