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23 Crazy Stories About People With Invisible Disabilities And What They Have To Put Up With

| Right | August 20, 2020

Dear readers,

That person that parked in the disabled spot and then walked into the store? Don’t be so quick to judge, they might have an invisible or hidden disability. You might not be able to see it, or it’s not immediately obvious, but it’s most likely there.

Sadly, the general human race isn’t as understanding as you, dear reader, and so as well as having to handle the consequences of whatever disability they have, these poor people also have to put up with idiots.

In solidarity with them, we have found 23 stories from our archives about people with invisible disabilities. We hope reading them puts their situation into perspective for you.


Can’t Handle A Car But Can Handle A Conversation – If they have to say “Oh, sorry, I didn’t know” then it’s already too late.

Their Sense Of Compassion Is Disabled – If entitlement was a disability…

Change The Stall, And Their Attitudes – Disabilities versus parenting.

Setting The Wheels Of Comeuppance Into Motion – Some sweet, sweet justice can be found here!

Some People Have The Nerve – He’d be getting on their nerves if they had any.

Making A Limp Apology – You expect this kind of behavior from the customers, but from the employees too?

When Having A Disability Is Quirky – When they can see the disability but don’t understand what it means, that’s even worse.

A Weak Understanding Of Weak Muscles – Apparently if you’re not quadriplegic you shouldn’t be in a wheelchair…

I Heard You Kicked Up A Fuss – Invisible disability = hidden superpower!

Treating Disabilities Is Going Down The Toilet – Their disability is none of your business!

The Argument Hasn’t Got A Leg To Stand On – How dare you be disabled and not poor!

His Handicap Is A Lack Of Decency – This interaction will leave you walking tall – even if that’s a struggle.

Her Argument Has Your Foot To Stand On – This woman is absolutely pregnant with entitlement.

Your Disability Doesn’t Have A Leg To Stand On – A story not technically about invisible disabilities, but instead making them visible in a super cool way!

No Paws For Thought, Part 2 – God forbid you have a service dog for anything other than blindness!

Their Common Sense Is Disabled – Disabled women can also be mothers, shockingly!

That’s A Wheely Inconsiderate Thing To Do – The flip side to this argument – when to call out those who do not have a disability?

Your Sarcasm Has Got Legs – They’re legs don’t work but their wit is doing laps.

Customers Aren’t Even Faintly Concerned – Customers so bad, they make you faint, and still expect good service!

Giving Handicapped People A Bad Name – For those who think having a family is handicapped.

An Invisible Disability – Some disabilities are invisible until you talk about them.

Enabling The Disabled – This disabled client gets what they deserve!

Going Out On A Limb Here, But They’ll Be Fine – And finally, a story about people that actually get it!


We hope you found this roundup about invisible disabilities interesting. Let us know in the comments if there were any stories we were too lazy to include! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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