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23 Crazy Stories About Drive-Thru Customers

| Right | July 24, 2020

Dear readers,

Today is Drive-Thru day! Those inconceivably convenient constructions that are plugged into fast-food restaurants, pharmacies, banks, coffee shops, and even funeral homes! Sadly, with extra convenience comes extra entitlement from some customers who can’t handle waiting for more than a few seconds.

In solidarity with drive-thru staff the world over, here are 23 stories about customers who we wished had carried on driving.


Nonsensical Hypotheticals – When the drive-thru is so convenient the customer wants you to do everything for them.

Drive-Thru Virgin – Even first-time users of drive-thrus shouldn’t possibly be this dumb.

Enigmatic Espresso – They want Schrödinger’s Coffee, which is both everything and nothing at the same time.

Don’t Ask For Chocolate Drops – When the customer doesn’t know what item is called so they’ll name it any old crap.

This Prank Has A Drinking Problem – The beautiful tale of a prank backfiring, by firing back.

Tall-Size Steps Towards Venti-Size Change – Proving a customer wrong never tasted so sweet.

Employee Of The Year, Part 2 – The next customer was from Scunthorpe and a huge fight was instigated…

Rain Drops Keep Falling On My (Thick) Head – Well, technically sound does travel better through water…

No Shirt, No Brains, No Service – Regular customers cannot handle irregular staff… or remembering one simple order.

They Can’t Hold Their Drink – When will they learn that drive-thru employees have been around the block more times than you’ve driven around theirs?

It Was Ms. Mustard, In The Drive-Thru, With The Packet – If you must act like an entitled shrew you shall be treated like one.

He Does Have A Good Point – When you work the drive-thru, but they aren’t driving in.

It’s Not Exactly SAT Vocabulary – When the customer doesn’t have a basic understanding of thermodynamics you know you’re in trouble.

Craz-E – You’d think a lawyer would know how to use words.

Fast Food And Polygamy – When paying it forward means you should take a look backward.

Close, But No Cigarillo – When they think the drive-thru cigarette store is actually a drive-thru bank.

I Will Now Know You As An A**hole – Customers don’t like it when you use their same flawed logic on them.

Totally Loopy, Thru-And-Thru – We don’t know where she is going but it is definitely not ‘thru’…

Catastrophe Averted – When they finally stop and LISTEN they realize they are the biggest a**hole on the ranch.

It Doesn’t Take Much To Get A Guy Going – You do not want to know what his plans are for those straws.

(Gassy) Rumblings Of Discontent – As soon as the customer leaves the drive-thru, they (and all their insides) are not your responsibility.

They Always Hunt In Packs – This explains soooooo much!

Fact Check Fail – And a final story that isn’t about drive-thrus. In fact, this is an anti-drive-thru story.


We hope you enjoyed this collection of crazy Drive-Thru stories and the customers that use them! Know any stories we missed? Let us know in the comments! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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