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23 Crazy Stories About Camping, S’mores, And The Great Outdoors!

| Right | August 10, 2020

Dear readers,

Today is National S’mores Day! For the uninitiated, a s’more is a North American treat consisting of graham crackers, chocolate, and toasted marshmallows in a gooey, delicious combo, usually enjoyed near a campfire. There’s something incredibly satisfying about toasting a marshmallow over the fire, burning your fingers trying to mash it into a sandwich, and getting crumbs and melted chocolate all over yourself; it makes you want s’more!

To celebrate the day, we’ve assembled 23 stories from our archives about weird and wild things that happen while camping (and maybe some sweet s’more stories just for fun)! Camping is one of the precious few summer activities where you can practice social distancing, but if you can’t make it to the great outdoors, we hope this roundup will help bring the great outdoors to you!


Camping Is Too In-Tents – Sometimes camping isn’t the relaxing getaway we hope for.

Waiting For That Light Bulb Moment That Never Comes – We think camping might be a little too complicated for this customer.

If A Bear Can Do It… – Well, we weren’t worried about this before, but now…

Let’s Hope They Drive Safe – These people know how to staycation!

Goldilocks Is Better Off With The Bears – Some people really should just stay home. Seriously.

Doubly Packed But Single Minded – Packing is the most stressful part of any camping trip.

That RV Had Better Have Some Good Range! – Maybe they can drive their RV past a zoo?

Sick Burn, Dad! – Jerk-itude never takes a vacation!

This Situation Stinks – A good rule of thumb is not to chase any wildlife.

Doesn’t Take A Genius To Crack The Code – Those s’mores are going to taste… interesting.

A Monstrous Tale – Sometimes kids know what they’re talking about.

Something Fishy With Her Snack – Some people will cook anything over a campfire.

Because She Isn’t Suffering Enough – You sure meet some wild animals camped out in the emergency room.

Being Drug Along Isn’t So Bad, Right? – There’s also hiking, swimming, reading, napping… but okay.

Giving The Butterfly Expert A Case Of The Butterflies – A little studying before you hit the trail really pays off!

Scouting Around For The Truth – This guy can’t see the fun forest for the macho trees.

Camping Out Is Out – Roughing it rough with guests like these.

The Height Of (Mt.) Misogyny – This jerk reaches all new heights of being a stubborn bigot.

Can’t Bear To Be Apart – Poor little brother.

They Should Be Sent To Bootcamp – The bears and the squirrels aren’t the only animals out there.

Please, No S’More! – It would have been simpler to drive to the woods, make a s’more, and put it in a cup!

In-Tent Is Lacking – Sounds like this customer just wants the employees to do the camping for them!

Which Is S’More Unlikely – To be fair, he probably would have struggled with a real campfire, too.


We hope you enjoyed this camping-themed roundup! Any stories we missed? Let us know in the comments! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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