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23 Awesome Stories That Prove We Need Animal Shelters

| Right | August 5, 2020

Dear readers,

Pets are beautiful, wonderful beings who bring happiness and companionship to so many of us. It’s sad, then, that animal shelters and pet-fosterers are required to look after those poor animals who didn’t get the loving home they deserved.

We’ve rounded up 23 stories from our archives that show the hard work that animal shelters do while putting up with ignorant pet owners and poor confused animals, and helping to filter out adopters who have no business owning an animal!


This Problem Can’t Get Licked – Sounds like this kid was born to be a cat person.

The Situation Has Gone To The Dogs – Some people shouldn’t be allowed to even read stories about dogs.

A Little Bird Told Me That This Customer Is An A** – Even if the parrot talked, this guy wouldn’t listen anyway.

Purr-haps She Is A Dog Person – It could be a Flerken, in which case, you should maybe be concerned.

Thankfully, This Tail’s Ending Is Not Melan-Collie – Any chance we could steal her other two dogs?

Some Families Are Just Meant To Be – This is a sweet one, we promise.

Fostering New Feelings Towards Cats – Cats aren’t for everyone, especially the bite-y ones.

Ignoring The Signs To The Max – Personal space applies to dogs you don’t know, too.

A Dog Is For Life, Not Just For Christmas – Go back to that bit about unicorns and dragons. I’m interested!

Not How One Treats A Lady – They should hire that boy as a full-time puppy-bodyguard.

They’re Stored In Order Of Lives Left – New band name idea: “Pallets Of Cats”.

Deactivism – Some activists are just howling mad.

My Family And Other Animals, Part 7 – Sounds like Mom knows coyotes better than she does her own daughter!

Feline In The Mood For A Christmas Miracle – This story will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy like there’s a cat in your lap.

Evolution Takes An Un-Egg-Spected Turn – These are not the Easter eggs you are looking for.

The Butterfly Defect – Since when is beige a “bright color”?

Your Knowledge Has Run A’foal – That had better be some very good cake.

The Mole Sounded Better Off On Its Own – That sure escalated quickly.

This Is Going To Be A Real Treat – This one kind customer might just make up for the whole rest of this roundup!

Talking Complete (Pit) Bull – People often believe their dogs are precious angel, but this lady is something else.

Has Good Reason To Be A Scaredy-Cat – Evidence for having to pass a test before adopting pets, exhibit A.

They Need To Adopt A Better Attitude About Pitbulls – Fair warning: this story will probably make you angry.

Inside-Out Cat – …what the f***?


We hope you found this roundup interesting and helped you to better appreciate the work that animal shelters do. Any stories we missed? Let us know in the comments! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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