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23 Amazing Stories About Grandmas And Why They’re Awesome

| Right | July 23, 2020

Dear readers,

Today is Gorgeous Grandma Day! In these crazy times we need to remember our elderly and more vulnerable relatives, so it’s only fitting then that a day exists to honor our gorgeous grannies!

We’ve rounded up 23 amazing stories about grandmas; some are hilarious, some are shocking, and we’re pretty sure the last one will make you cry. Either way, we hope you enjoy, and if you have a cool grandma give her a call when you’re done!


We All Have A Dream – When your grandparents marched with Martin Luther King. Jr… you listen!

Take A Holiday Chill Pill – Grandma always has the best medication.

Slithering Into The Wrong House – How Grandma proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that she’s a Slytherin.

A Fitting And Tasty Tribute – Spoiling the grandkids with treats is their raison d’être!

So THAT’S How It Is In That Family – That’s how people connected in the old days.

Generation Genderalization – In this story, the ‘G’ in LGBT also stands for gorgeous grandma!

Russian To Conclusions – Grandma just outed herself as a spy.

Educational Sports – Don’t hate the Grandma, hate the game.

Grandma’s Secret Ingredient – There’s a reason Grandma’s spaghetti keeps everyone coming back for more.

Don’t Let Grandma Give You A Puck On The Cheeks – Grandma is a little bloodthirsty maybe, but that’s hockey!

Explaining Is Draining – When Grandma wants the thing next to the other thing, but not that thing, and you know exactly which thing.

Waffling On – When Grandma offers pancakes you… say… YES!

Grandma Is Hardcore – WARNING! This story is rated R!

She’s An Eyes Cold Grandma – If you want to pick a fight with a grandma make sure you come prepared…

Throwing Stones In Glass Churches – A cool grandma is one that knows when she’s been caught.

A Great Case Of Old Timers, Part 3 – You’re only as old as you feel, which is why Grandma feels like getting out of here!

Grandparents Aren’t Always Straight With You – No matter how this conversation goes, Grandma is not letting you leave un-embarrassed.

A Conversation Breast Left Alone – We know some older people can forget names but this is ridiculous.

Got A Gut Feeling About This, Part 2 – If ever a story needed a TMI warning, it’s this one.

Got A Knack For Cognac – We’d love to know how to get on to this prescription!

Marriage Goes To Pot – When a teenager smokes pot, it’s illegal. When Grandma does it, it’s medicinal.

Dawn Of The Bread – Grandma’s apocalypse survival kits – guaranteed to survive armageddon with love and baked goods!

Loved You Since The Day I Met You – WARNING: This story is beautiful, but also devastating.

And finally, a bonus story about someone who adopts a grandma. If the last story didn’t make you cry, this one will…

Out Shopping For A New Friend – You don’t need to be related by blood to have an awesome grandma!


We hope you enjoyed this collection of amazing Grandmother stories! Know any stories we missed? Let us know in the comments! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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