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(I’m a receptionist at a gym that also has a swimming pool and two studios where we hold multiple classes. There is also a bar area that occasionally gets rented for parties. This conversation occurs over the phone with fairly bad signal to start with.)

Me: Hello [gym], [my name] speaking, how can I help?

Lady: I’m looking to book for the [next Saturday]

-I bring up the class list-

Me: That’s fine. Which class were you looking to book?

Her: No! I’m looking to book a child’s party. On the soft play.

Me: I’m afraid we don’t have any soft play equipment. This is [gym].

Her: No not the gym the downstairs bit with the slides.

-I realise she has the wrong number-

Me: I think you’re looking for [other gym]

Her: Yes [other gym]

Me: Yeah we’re not [other gym]. This is [gym]

Her: ohhh my so sorry!

(She was very apologetic and we finished the call so she could find the right number.)

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