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(I run a small library. We had a bit of water damage so we had to close one Saturday to get some contractors in to replace some drywall in places, including on the ceiling. We close the library by announcing it in multiple places, including our website, facebook and a notice on the two local radio stations for a week.

On the day of the repairs we have our normal closed sign up on the front door, and a second, special sign on the door explaining that we’re closed for repairs. The lights are off, and the contractors have scaffolding up to reach our 15′ high ceilings. The bank of computers is covered with a plastic drop cloth to protect them from any dust or paint drips from the ceiling. However, the door is unlocked so the contractors can go out to their truck for supplies.

Halfway through the day, the contractors leave for their lunch break. I’m now the only one in the building, and have to run downstairs for a file. When I come back upstairs there is a patron sitting at a computer.)

Patron: *annoyed* Why aren’t the computers on? And where were you?

Me: *blinking, shocked that someone’s in here* I – uh.

Patron: Well? Turn it on!!

Me: *collecting myself quickly* Sorry, we’re actually closed today. For construction. *I gesture to the scaffolding and the drop cloth that he’s lifted off the computer*

Patron: *disgusted, stands up* Well you should really tell people that when they come in!! *Exits, walking under the scaffolding (which he had to have walked under to get in as well) and through the glass door with two closed signs on it*

Me: *blinks, shakes head, recovers computer with the dropcloth*

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