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It’s my first and only year as a tax preparer in a popular chain of income tax preparation offices. It’s not a very busy day, but it’s late in the season and many customers are just now seeing their taxes come in. Only myself and my supervisor, a woman of middle age with grey-blonde hair, are working that day; she isn’t occupied at the moment, but I am just finishing up assisting a customer when two teenage girls with lengthy golden hair appear in the door, engrossed in sending text messages the entire time, until their place in the queue is next. One of the girls puts down her phone long enough to approach the desk.

Me: Welcome to [tax office], how can I help you today?

Girl 1: Hi, um, I got this from the IRS today and I’m not sure why? *She shows a check for a not-so-small amount of money.*

Me: Wow, okay… was there anything else inside? A note or anything?

Girl 1: Not that I saw. I mean, you can look.

Me: Sure, let’s. *I take a look at the check first, as they may have printed a reason in the For: field. When I see it, I try my best to maintain a straight face.* Ah, well… it says here. “Income Tax Refund”.

Girl 1: Oh! … Oh!

Girl 2: Oh. My. God, [Girl 1]!

Me: *as I hand back her check* Yeah, er. That can happen if you tried to have the refund directly deposited and your account information was incorrect.

Girl 1: Oh… Okay! Sorry!

Me: Not a problem. Have a nice day!

Both girls leave the office giggling, with Girl 1 looking understandably sheepish. I wait until the door has closed and my supervisor and I are once again alone.

Me: … No offense, [Supervisor], but… BLONDE!

[Supervisor]: *bursts out laughing*

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