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(This takes place over the radio. I work at a grocery store that offers online shopping with curbside pickup, also called home shop. Being two days before Christmas, the store is packed and the home shop time slots are full with all five shoppers working.)
Customer Service Manager: Hey, (Manager)?
Manager: Yes?
Customer Service Manager: A woman just asked me if she could leave her partly shopped list here and have a home shopper finish it for her and she will pick it up later. She said she would pay the $4.95 fee, but can we do that?
Manager: In 15 years of working here, I’ve never been asked that. I guess it would depend on how busy home shop is.
Home Shopper: No.
Customer Service Manager: She said she’s late and she needs help. Should I sign her up online?
Manager: It’s up to you.
Home Shopper: No. We’ve already done at least 20 orders today, and we have more than 20 still left to do.
Customer Service Manager: I was just asking.
Home Shopper: I mean, if she really wants it, we’ll do it after seven, when we can get to it. Because we have other orders ahead of her we need to do first.
(The Customer Service Manager ended up following the woman around the store for almost an hour, helping her with her shopping.)

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