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This was told to me by a friend of mine who used to work for a knock-off of a restaurant chain known for waitresses and wings. One day her table is this old couple… grandparents, tottering, super friendly and polite. At the end of the meal, they ask to take a photo with her, and say they will print out a copy for her at home and bring it in for her another day. She says sure, doesn’t think much of it, customers are weird and eccentric all the time, doesn’t really care either way.

She takes a few weeks off work to go and visit her family in another state, and when she comes back, her boss tells her an old couple was in looking for her and left her a present. When she opens it, it’s a scrapbook, and the first page is full of poorly done photoshops of her head from the photo they took… pasted on the bodies of naked centerfolds. Every other page has another, different girl getting the same treatment. She took some pictures with her phone to show me so I would know she wasn’t full of it.

To say she was shocked, confused, and horrified is an understatement. She had never met them before, and nobody there has seen them before or since. Nothing about their short conversation with her when she served them had even so much as hinted at anything like this. Our thought is it HAS to be a joke, but what a weird one if so!

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