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(This interaction happens about 90% of the time that a customer wants to return something without a receipt.)

Me: Do you have your receipt?

Customer: No

Me: Do you have the card you paid with? I can look up the receipt with your card.

Customer: No I paid cash.

Me: Ok then I will have to process it as a return without receipt, which only lets me give you back the lowest price it’s ever been sold at on store credit.

Customer: That’s fine.

Me: *processes return* Ok, so I can give you back *price* on store credit.

Customer: What? No. No, I paid *higher price* for it.

Me: Yes, but like I said, without a receipt, I can only give you the lowest price it’s been sold at.

Customer: Yeah but I paid more than that! There’s no way I’m only taking *lower price* when I paid *higher price*! This is ridiculous!

Me: I told you that’s what I could do and you said it was fine.

Customer: No, no, no, I paid *higher price* for it!

Me: Great, so if you find your receipt, I can give you that price. Without the receipt, I can only give you *lower price*

Customer: No, I want *higher price*! I paid *higher price*

Me: But without a receipt, we have no proof of that. Which is why I can only give you the lower price that’s coming up on my register.

*Customer storms out*

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