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I work at the Front Desk at one of the popular hotels here in Tucson. The weather down here can be ridiculous hot during the summer. Temperatures can go over 100 F by 9:00 am. One particular evening, I answered a call where a prospective guest wanted to book a room for the following day. I informed him about the rate and this is how the conversation went:

(The phone rings at five o’clock in the evening. I pick up the phone).

Me: Good evening! Thank you for calling the (name of the hotel). My name is (you know who). How may I direct your call?

Caller: Hi! Yes. I would like to book a room for tomorrow.

Me: Absolutely! What kind of room are you looking for?

Caller: A single bed, please.

Me: And for how many nights?

Caller: Just one.

(I check the regular price for tomorrow in my computer system).

Me: Great! The rate for tomorrow will be at $119.00.

Caller: C’mon, (my name)! You can do a lot better than that!

(There was a four second silence. I was baffled by this as I was trying to figure out what to say to the caller).

Me: Are you a member with the AAA?

Caller: Ahhh….no.

Me: Are you affiliated with the Federal Government?

Caller: No.

(I look at the occupancy rate for the following day-more than 100 people arriving)

Me: Unfortunately, that’s the only rate I have available as of right now.

Caller: You guys should lower your rates in Tucson. I mean it’s hot in Tucson right now!

(I was speechless of what he said that moment).

Me: Yes, and Tucson’s a great place to site see and visit other locations at this time of the year as well.

Caller: I see that (name of a third party) offers a better deal at $69.00. I’d rather do that!

Me: That’s absolutely fine! You are more than welcome to book a room through a third party, if you feel the rate that they are offering is reasonable for you.

Caller: Yes. I’ll do that. Thank you.

Me: Is there anything else I could do for you?

Caller: No. That’s it.

Me: Alright, then. Thank you very much and have a nice day, sir!

Caller: You as well. Bye.

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