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(At 8 months pregnant, I went to the hospital ER because I was having breathing problems. I’ve has asthma my entire life and I know when the puffers aren’t working and there’s something wrong. The nurse sits me in a chair in the hallway and doesn’t even bother to give me a room.)

Nurse: What brings you here today?
Me: I’ve been having trouble breathing for two days. My puffer isn’t doing anything, I think I might have an infection.
Nurse: Sounds like you have asthma, I’ll go get the doctor. *leaves*
*20 minutes later*
Doctor: What seems to be the problem.
Me: I’ve had trouble breathing for two days now, and my puffer isn’t having any effect.
Doctor: *while listening to my chest* Sounds like you might be having an asthma attack. Have you been diagnosed with asthma before?
Me: uh….ya
Doctor: Okay, we will get you a puffer, I want you to take one puff wait 5 minutes then take one more.
Me: The puffer isn’t doing anything. I’m telling you there’s something wrong, it’s probably an infection, I’ve gotten them tons of times.
Doctor: We’ll try this first. *leaves*

*another 20 minutes later (note: I can barely BREATH, that’s an important thing to be able to do)

Nurse: *brings puffer, times dose, says nothing, then leaves*

*10 more minutes go by*

Doctor: *listens to my chest* So the puffer must have helped, you can go home now.
Me: I’m not leaving.
Doctor: but you’re better now, you can go.
Me: I’m NOT better, and I’m NOT leaving.
Doctor: Listen you can either go or I can get security.
Me: I want an x-ray before I go anywhere.
Doctor: Fine, I don’t have time for this crap. Can’t you see we’re busy? I can’t believe you think… *trails off while walking away*

Got the x-ray done. Spent that night in the woman’s health wing coughing so hard I was puking and didn’t sleep. Ended up getting transferred to the ICU for a week with pneumonia and mono. The doctor’s were too afraid to prescribe anything because I was pregnant. My OB/GYM had to come in and yell at them just to get what I needed to get better. Baby was unfazed by everything.

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