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(I have been coughing for the past few days, and have come to realize that I have bronchitis once again. I’m telling my mother my symptoms, who, as a CRMA, takes a listen to my lungs.)
Mom: yeah, it sounds like bronchitis.
Uncle: Are you telling me she just self diagnosed herself?
Mom: *laughing* (Uncle’s name) She may not be in the medical field but she’s pretty good.
Dad: You should go to the hospital. Here’s some money.
(I go to the ER, and relay the information to the nurse whose taking my vitals.)
Nurse: Bronchitis? You don’t have that, you have ammonia.
Me: Uh…no. I have had this nearly every year at this time, I know the symptoms enough to know that this is Bronchitis. I’m going to need (antibiotic), or (Steroids) and an inhaler for a couple days.
Nurse: Are you a nurse?
Me: No…but I know my body enough, and I know some medications.
(She takes me to the room, while another nurse is just shaking his head at her, and promptly tells the doctor she thinks I’m drug hunting.)
Doctor: *listening to my lungs* Um…no she’s not. Her lungs sound wheezy.
Me: *has a coughing fit and trying to breathe*
Doctor:…She’s right, she has bronchitis, but the way your lungs sound, it does make me worry. I’m ordering X-Rays just in case there’s a chance you have ammonia.
(After my x-rays I have a neb treatment, and am giving steroids, cough medicine and an inhaler. The doctor comes in after.)
Doctor: I’m sorry about that nurse, we have a lot of people coming in for drug hunting, and ammonia, but you came in for a legit reason of bronchitis. Hope you feel better. Tell (mother’s name) I said hi!
Me: Alright, thanks.
(To that nurse, not everyone going into the er who is able to tell what’s going on with them are drug addicts. And while not everyone can accurately pinpoint what is going on, it doesn’t mean that some of us can’t. That nurse made me feel like a fool and if I hadn’t been so busy coughing up a lung, I’d probably would have asked to file a complaint. The doctor however was kind and understanding. Thanks for helping someone who came in late in the night for what appeared to be a simple cough to others.)

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