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(I work in a deli in a big box store in the midwest. Our deli also has a cafe section where we serve hot foods such as fried chicken, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, etc. A lady comes in to pick up a 200 piece fried chicken order, and is curt with me the entire time we are putting it in her cart. Note: it is common for a customer to ask “Am I all set?” when we give them an order, meaning “Do I have everything in my cart/can I move away from the deli area)
Customer: Am I all set?
Me and Coworker (as we put in the last boxes of chicken): Yup! Have a nice day!
(The lady proceeds to walk away, presumably to pay at the front registers, when a coworker on lunch in our cafe notices something)
Coworker on lunch: Hey [Greeter]! Did she pay for that?
(The greeter stops the lady and asks for a receipt, which prompts the lady to freak out. I was still in the deli area so I didn’t hear everything that went on by the front door, but apparently the lady made our greeter cry. The lady storms over to the deli counter as one coworker is telling us what happened)
Customer (to coworker that stopped her earlier): I ASKED YOU IF IT WAS PAID FOR AND YOU SAID YES!!
Me (intervening): Ma’am, you asked us if you were “all set”. We took that to mean that you were asking if you had all of your order with you. We are sorry if there was a misunderstanding, but you still have to pay for your order.
(The lady continues to yell and scream, disturbing other customers around her, and a manager walks over)
Manager: What’s going on?
Manager: Ma’am, please don’t swear at my team members. I’m sure it was just a misunderstanding.
(I repeat my story to the manager, specifying that she didn’t specifically ask if it was paid for, and what we took her question to mean, meanwile the customer continues to hurl insults and swear at us)
Manager: Ma’am, it was a misunderstanding, please calm down. We can get you paid for and out of here.
(He walked away with her and told us that he eventually just let her go with the chicken just to get her out of the store. We have a rule that all orders have to be paid at our department register now.)

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