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It’s a busy, finally-warm-again Saturday, and we’re a little short-staffed in the morning. We haven’t even been open for an hour and my coworker comes to find me to ask about yarn for a customer on the phone. She gets paged to help with something, so I go look for the yarn and get on the phone to tell the customer what I’ve found.

Me: “Thanks for holding. You were looking for a particular yarn?”

Customer: “Yes, the sage color [Brand #1].”

Me: “I see some skeins of the [Brand #1] yarn, but none in that color. We don’t carry very many of that brand, and the ones we do are mostly purples and whites and stuff.”

Customer: “Well, what brands do you carry? I’m looking for [size] yarn, sage green.”

Me: “We carry [Brand #2] and a few others, mostly [Company] specific brands. I don’t know which ones are which sizes off the top of my head.”

Customer: “Is there anyone in that department who can find out for me? I’m calling long-distance and I don’t want to drive all that way if you don’t have it.”

Me: “It’s just me at the moment. The woman who knows the yarn department better than I do won’t be in until this afternoon. I don’t know them off the top of my head, and I have customers waiting for fabric to be cut.”

I’m not trying to be rude, I’m just trying to let her know that I can’t spend twenty minutes looking at skeins of yarn to find the size and color she needs. My manager and coworkers are both busy with other things, and I’m not going to pull them away from their tasks to have them cut fabric while I look for yarn, because they certainly wouldn’t know what to look for in regard to the yarn.

She could call back in a few hours and my coworker would gladly help her to the best of her ability. The customer seems upset by my, perhaps, unhelpfulness, but we say goodbye and I go help the customer who is waiting at the counter. Not five minutes later, I answer the phone.

Me: “Thanks for calling your [City] [Store]. How can I help you?”

Customer: “Can you give me the number of the [City] one?”

Me: “The [City] [Store]? Um, sure. I’ll have to go find it, if you can hold on a moment?”

The customer says that’s fine, so I put her on hold and go find my manager, explaining that we don’t have what the lady wants and she wants the number to another store. My coworker is standing there as well and I confirm it’s the “yarn lady” from before.

Me: “Do we have a phone list at the registers or is it in the office?”

Manager: “In the office. How’d she find our number? Probably the internet.”

He literally just Googles it quickly, and I write it down and go back to the phone and read it to the customer. I don’t know what she thought the other location was going to find, as we carry basically the same stock and they also won’t have the exact color in the brand she wanted, but whatever. They’re also over an hour south of us, so I have no clue where she lived that she’d call us and then them. Halfway between, maybe? People are strange.

I mention it to my coworker later, the one who knows the yarn better than I do, and she reminds me that people can use our website to look those things up. I tell her it was an older-sounding customer and she probably wouldn’t have known how to find it on the website easily. *shrug*

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