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(we sell watches. If your watch is broken, there’s two options: Within two years, warranty covers most issues and we substract what you paid from the costs of a new watch. If your watch is out of warranty, you get 50% off on a new watch. This customer had bought a watch with the 50% Deal and claims it’s broken. Since he wants a different Model, he pays the difference)

C: Wait, why do I pay now?
M: because this watch is 179€ and you paid only 124 for your old watch. The difference is 55€.
C: *something in french, pays and leaves*

He returns a few minutes Liter:
C: I don’t unterstand. Where is my old watch?
Me: You exchanged it. You paid 124€ and that has been taken off the 179
C: But last time, I got 50% off.
Me: Yes, because that watch was out of warranty. I could give you 50% off, but that’s 90€. I’m trying to save you money.
C: But I paid 124 for the watch, so you owe me 34€
Me: I’m Sorry, but I don’t. You get 50% OR what you paid. There’s no adding this up.
C: but where’s my first watch in this?
Me: Your first watch paid for the one you exchanged. It was out of warranty, so it had no actual value. We didn’t owe you anything, but you got 50% of as courtesy. But now you get a new watch because this one IS in warranty. You paid 124, so we took that of the price you paid for the New one

(This took 20 minutes, with me repeating and calculating and even painting a flow Chart. He leaves once again and returns with a friend who speaks german, since he only spoke english – altough there was no lack of words. The supposed friend then turns out to be an actual translator and I am dealing with a high ranked diplomat. I once again explain it’s 50% OR the price and he seems to unterstand, but cant make his Boss unterstand. The conversation is now held in German, English and french since all of US speak a little of each language)
Me: Ok, I am really Sorry, but this it. If it’s no warranty, 50% off. With warranty, it’s the price he paid. If he wants the 50% off on this watch, he will have to pay Full price for the first watch. He then saves 34€ on this and owes me 124€ for the first one.
C: why!? It’s broken!!
Me: it’s a watch for a watch. The broken one for 50% off on the first one, the first one for 124€ on this one.

This continues for an hour. The translator is getting desperate, the customer is getting upset and makes a fuss because he is not stupid and he already paid 124 and so on. It’s now past closing and my already signed out staff are watching in disbelief.
C: You know, just give me back my old watch.
Me: I cant. You claimed it was broken, even though we told it’s a Mechanic watch that stops when you dont wear it! I booked it in as broken, and I cant sell a broken watch. The System knows I dont have any more of this in stock, so if anybody ever looks into this im in trouble. No.
Translator: Please. I unterstand. But he’s the consul, I can’t tell him he’s wrong and just doesn’t unterstand. Please.

By now we’re closed for an hour. I am getting fed up and agree to return his old watch in exchange for a written Statement that he just misunderstood how those watches work, to what the translator agrees as his Boss couldnt read german anyway. Then, during the refund I flip the watch over to get the style number and…

Me: No.
T: What?
Me: This watch has been engraved. I can’t refund an engraved item.
T: No. Please no. I will sign it’s broken too, please.
Me: Ok, no. This it. This is not my fault. I am willing to pull a Job threatening stunt because he refuses to listen that it’s normal that Mechanic watches need to be worn or manually activated. I cant replace the back of the watch, it’s absolutely specific for each watch, when and where it has been made etc. No. Honestly, this it.(adressing the customer in english;) If you want to take this further, please Call or write to our customer Service.
C: I am not writing anything. I want a Manager!
Me: Excuse me, I am the Manager. It’s now 1,5 past closing. Why do you think I am still here?
C: No, no. I need to talk to your male superior.

The translator is mortified. There’s a lot of fast french, I only get words like warranty, discount, Germany and woran. The customer bends over, thanks me for my time and they leave. A few days later, I get a Mail from corporate that they refunded him, but no worries, they just told him I would be reprimanded but wont face actual consequences because I was right.

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