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(We’ve just opened the theater for the day. As per usual, all of the popcorn in the warmer display is completely fresh, having been popped right before we opened. It’s no more than 10 minutes old. I have a line forming for the first showtime. I’ve just given a guest his popcorn, when he takes a bite as he leaves. He then turns and shoots me an annoyed look.)

Customer: “This popcorn is stale.”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir?”

Customer: “It’s stale. It’s old.”

Me: “I apologize sir, but I made it just ten minutes ago.”

Customer: “Well, it’s stale. Whudd’r gonna do about it?”

(There’s literally no way it’s stale. But I’m assuming he thinks it’s older than it really is and is trying to get the freshest popcorn possible.)

Me: “I have a backup batch in the back I made at the same time as this batch. It won’t be warm, but you can try it if you want.”

Customer: “Yeah. Gimme some that’s not stale.”

Me: “Alright.”

(I take his bucket, dump the popcorn out and fill it with popcorn from the backup batch in the back. It was made at the exact same time as the popcorn in the warmer. Except it’s cold because it’s not in the warmer. I give it to the man.)

Customer: (Munching down) “See, this is FRESH and HOT! Not stale like the stuff you gave me before.”

(I give him a confused chuckle and call the next person to the register.)

Customer#2: “Give me some of the not-stale popcorn!”

Me: “Are you sure you don’t want the popcorn in the warmer? It was made at the exact same time as the popcorn I just gave him, except it wasn’t in the warmer, so it won’t be hot.”

Customer#2: “I don’t want stale popcorn.”

(I get her some of the cold popcorn from the back. She touches it and grimaces.)

Customer#2: “It’s cold!”

Me: “I apologize, ma’am. But it wasn’t in the warmer. If you want, I can give you some popcorn from the warmer. It was made at the exact same time, and it will be warmer.”

Customer#2: “I don’t want stale popcorn!”

Me: “I assure you the popcorn in the warmer was made literally right before we open. It’s really not stale. It takes popcorn hours… sometimes even days to go stale.”

Customer#2: “So what are you telling me? You’re serving days-old popcorn?!”

Me: “No. I made the popcorn in front of you about ten minutes ago.”

Customer#2: “Then how is it stale?! Huh?!”

Me: “I’m being honest… it’s really not stale.”

Customer#2: “I want you to make me FRESH popcorn!”

(I see where this is going. And I can see other people in line beginning to talk amongst themselves about how we’re selling “stale” popcorn. 15 minutes later, my manager comes out and is shocked, as I now have a massive line of people waiting at the pickup counter for hot-foods, all refusing to take the popcorn that’s in the warmer and all waiting for me to have to make fresh popcorn over and over- all because one guy in the beginning decided to make a fuss and try to claim that the popcorn I had JUST made before we opened was “stale.” Some of them had to wait 20 minutes because the line got so big and the poppers can only pop so much popcorn at a time. The kicker? Five hours later at the end of my shift, I took home a massive bag of popcorn from the warmer, and outside of being lukewarm, it still tasted EXACTLY like it first does when it just comes out of the popcorn, and ended up being good for several days. It always kills me that the ONLY people who ever claim our popcorn is “stale” are the people who are eating fresh popcorn…)

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