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I am a retail manager at our local mall and have been for several years. I’ve had my share of customers who test me but tonight was different. Tonight was what we call “floorset nights” which are over night shifts where we put out new product. I must oversee everything so i of course I was there. A middle aged woman comes in, marches up to me, sticks her phone in my face and says “I need this sweater have you seen it?” Seeing as I was clearly in the middle of a big project And clearly dressed in workout clothes with no make up i respond “I’m not working the sales floor right now but I’ll grab the sales girl to help you. Gimme a sec.” and this lady goes absolutely ape shit in a split second. “You are so incredibly rude!!! What is your name?? WHAT IS YOUR NAME? I AM YOUR PRIORITY YOUR CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS FIRST” even after I apologized and explained we are only working overnights blah blah This lady legit didn’t care and continued to scream over my apologies. I eventually showed her where the sweater was as she was yelling About how horrible of a person I apparently was. I was so angry all night because it was literally so unnecessary to her, a grown ass adult, to treat anyone like that. So unnecessary. I am so sick of these entitled customers thinking it’s okay to treat others like trash simply because. NO REASON.

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