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I work at a paint and sip bar that does public classes and private parties. Like every party place we require a deposit before booking. I get a few callers that don’t understand but this was the worst.

Customer: Hi, I want to book a private event for my birthday.
Me: Great, what date were you looking for?
Customer: December 10th.
Me: Cool, it looks like we only have from 2:30 to 5:30 available does that work?
Customer: Yes! That is perfect!
Me: Ok so I am going to need a $250 deposit to book this, can I get your card information?
Customer: I can’t put down $250, I will put down $150 now and come pay the rest next week.
Me: I am sorry, I can’t do that. It isn’t my company and the system won’t let me change the deposit amount.
Customer: But I want to book it today.
Me: I understand but I need the full deposit either over the phone by card or you can split it with cash in our studio.
Customer: No, I promise to bring in the rest later just book my party now so I can send out invitations.
Me: I really cannot do that. I can put a note for us to call you later to book it when you have the 250 available but keep in mind there are a lot winter birthdays and I cannot hold any dates until you pay.
Customer: No, it is ok, I am gonna send out invites and call to book when I have a headcount. Thanks! *hangs up*

A week later she was livid with my boss about how I promised her I would keep her slot open. He knew there was no way and told her so.

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